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MegaraRider posted on Jun 08, 2013 at 01:08AM
For this game someone posts a crossover couple (ie Hercules and Belle). Then the next person posts a couple using the second person listed in the first post (ie Belle and Phoebus) and so forth. You can post pictures if you want, but you do not have to.

There aren't many rules for this game:

1. You have to start with the second name listed. If someone posts Hercules and Belle, your post has to start with Belle (ie Belle and Phoebus), you CAN'T start your post with the first name listed (ie Hercules and Belle and then Hercules and Aurora).

2. To keep this game going, you may repeat the couple listed above you, but the first rule still applies. Example: if someone posts Tiana and Jean Bob but you don't know who Jean Bob is or really can't think of anyone to pair him with, your post can be Jean Bob and Tiana and then the next person has to start with Tiana. (I hope that makes sense.)

3. Couples can be repeated but not more than once in a row. (Using my example from #2: if after someone posts Tiana and Jean Bob and then the next person posts Jean Bob and Tiana, the next person has to post Tiana with someone else. After that Tiana and Jean Bob can be used again.)

4. Characters can be repeated unlimited times.

5. Couples can be anything: human/human, animal/animal human/animal, slash, femmeslash, animated/live-action... absolutely no limits on this.

6. You cannot use canon couples (ie Ariel and Eric, Aladdin and Jasmine, etc...), however, you CAN use two characters from the same movie (ie Meg and Hades, Belle and Gaston, etc...)

7. Couples do not have to include a Disney character.

8. Anyone can join at anytime. You don't have to ask, just jump in. The more the merrier.

Any questions, please ask. I'm not sure if I made this clear.
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