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LightningRed posted on Aug 24, 2013 at 04:50PM
Hello everyone! I have an idea of a new game. Here how it goes.

You choose one from two crossover couple I ask. And then you ask another couple.

A: Snow White's Prince and Thumbelina or Pocahontas and Denahi?

B: Pocahontas and Denahi.
Jack Frost and Elsa or Jack Frost and Peri?

C: Jack Frost and Peri.
Merida and Hiccup or Anna and Flynn?


And so on

You may ask crossover couple which is not both Disney (Cornelius and Crysta) or even two characters from the same movie (like Pocahontas and Kocoum) but not canon couple (Pocahontas and John Smith)

You can ask the same couple over and over again

You may post a picture of one of the couples or even a picture of both couples

Have fun! If you have questions, feel free to ask me ;)

I'll go first.

Belle and John Smith or Belle and Eric?
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