disney crossover Shadows Of Time, role-playing collaboration event. Part 1:

dewy60 posted on Oct 13, 2013 at 09:52PM
Welcome to the First part of the Shadows Of Time event.

This part is about 3 characters going undercover to help an old man to find 5 ingredients for his food. Only one problem, the old man is actually Alexander Blackdragon the evil wizard in a disguise spell.
And the 5 ingredients, was for his potion that will turn Kayley into a blue macaw!
Yes, his plan is to turn Kayley into a blue macaw and use his transportation spell to transport her to Rio, Brazil, and use Kayley (as a human) to change her name to Jewel (as a blue macaw).
The title name for the part of the event is named after the episode of Disney afternoon series “Gargoyles” entitled ‘Outfoxed”
This one for the event titled…
The first part of the event will end on Saturday at 12:00pm

The Story:
One day on Burk, Hiccup has finished his first day in dragon fighting school, as walks home, he stops, and saw an old man.
“Are you Hiccup?” the old man said.
Hiccup is nervous, as he walks slowly.
“Y-Y-Yes, I’m Hiccup. A-a-and you?” Hiccup Replied.
“Well I am a kindly little old man, I have a mission for you.” The old man said.
“My mother is sick, and I need an ingredient for my food, to make her feel well soon, I need you to get undercover, and find the ingredient of my food.” The old man continued.
“Okay, but first I need the information of the ingredient please.” Hiccup said.
“Okay my friend, here’s the ingredient, Two Dragon Scales, you got it?” The old man told him.
“Okay, okay, I got it, whenever you said.” Hiccup said.
As the old man say goodbye to Hiccup he transports to North America where he told Milo Thatch to get 2 Shrimps & A crystal from Atlantis, and transports to a fairy tale world where he told Rapunzel to get 1 rose & 2 Sunflower Seeds.

Those 3 heroes could only find 5 ingredients to help an old man to make his food, but they didn’t know that the old man is the evil wizard, Alexander Blackdragon, and 5 ingredients for his food, was his 5 ingredients for his potion that will turn someone into a blue macaw, and that was Kayley who would be a victim for his plan.

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een jaar geleden kristenfan10109 said…
Can I have Ariel please
een jaar geleden dewy60 said…
yes you do! ;)
een jaar geleden PrincessBelle2 said…
May I be Kayley?
een jaar geleden dewy60 said…
een jaar geleden dewy60 said…
The deadline is extended to next saturday at 12:59pm