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Angeelous posted on Feb 09, 2015 at 07:09PM
Hi everyone! :D well.. I thought a proyect for Valentine's Day, like a Christmas gift, but just for Valentine. I would like this group to have much love for that day :3 I don't know if It is ok to do it or not :c so, please tell me D:

This is what we have to do
♡ Comment your OTPS (One true parings) and I will do a crossover of them c:
♡ Also, If you want to do a crossover of someone's else otp, do it ;D
♡ If you want, comment some ideas

♡ Can it be slash (boyxboy, girlxgirl)
♡ Can it be not popular

♡ They will be published on the 14th (Obviously XD)
♡ I will try to do at least two of your list

Hope it works.. ><
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een jaar geleden ajotma said…
Aww, that's so sweet! :)
My main OTPs are:

(I know a lot of them are in the same film, you don't have to do those)
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Angeelous commented…
never thought of Tiana/Charlotte >< een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
Here are mine
-Jack Frost/Rapunzel
-John Smith/Aurora
-Peter Pan/Alice
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
PrincessBelle2's list;



And Loki/Georgiana (because apparently Disney lay claim to the Avengers now)
een jaar geleden Aang_Lite said…
This is a lovely idea!

Here's mine:
een jaar geleden DIAMELA said…
Great idea!!
my list:

so many!!!!
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
First of all I want to apologise, because as I said on the top "I'll try to do at least two" I only did one, so I'm sorry but I hope you all like it. I enjoyed so much doing this crossovers! Thank you so much for participate! Have a nice Valentine's Day! <3




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een jaar geleden Winxclubgirl202 said…
Could I still take part?
Angeelous commented…
I'm so sorry :c een jaar geleden