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 Frollo Seduces Ariel
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This is wrong on so many levels. Any disney princess paired up with frollo is just wrong. there is no excuse for doing this cause things like this actually happen. If this someone's idea of a joke it's not funny, I don't care if it's just make up.
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This disney crossover foto contains anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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Alright, just to say that some people {not naming names} on the Disney Princesses spot inspired me to do this! :D YAY! So, I wanted to this because a lot of people probably don't know WHY I like the crossover couples I am interested in. Well I'm going to tell u in order of 7-1. From least to greatest.

7.) {Tulio and Megara}
My number seven favoriete crossover couple would have to be...Tulio and Megara! Why u ask? My opinion on this couple is very typical to me. It's not my favoriete couple in the world but it would be my last one on the list. I think this couple could relate to the couple,...
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 "Tiger! Talbot!"
"Tiger! Talbot!"
The seconde Arthur stepped into the castle, two large Great Danes flung themselves at him, barking madly. They both knocked Arthur off his feet, much to Belle’s alarm, and then, to her relief, began to lick his face, playfully. Merlin smiled.

“Tiger, Talbot!” snapped a large beefy man with red hair and moustache, seizing their collars and snatching them away. Arthur giggled and then looked up at the man, his smile quickly fading. “Now, look here, Wart!” demanded the man. “What’s the big idea of gallivanting off into the woods and worrying the living daylights out of everyone?!”...
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