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 Hiccup and Merida
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Requested door a friend. I'm personally a Hiccup and Rapunzel fan. Not the best I know but the best i could do. :)
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This disney crossover foto contains portret, headshot, and close-up.

 Jim picking up the ladle
Jim picking up the ladle
Mrs. Hawkins and Jim finish washing dishes and store them in a cabinet. Ariel is still trying to make some soep which is apparently freaking her out since she had just seen an eye inside of the pot. The red-head screams as she drops the ladle she's holding. Jim and his mother quickly turn their heads towards her and raise their eyebrows in confusion. "What's the problem?" Jim asks as he bends down to pick up the dirty ladle. Ariel just stutters as she attempts to say the word eye and keeps pointing at the pot. Jim rolls his eyes. "Don't worry. That's our special for the day." At first, Ariel...
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Jim and Dilbert head down a very rocky road towards the ocean which is flooded with junk. Cans, food, and tons of napkins. "We have to clean all of this?!" Jim exclaims. He was always used to community service but this was the only time he wanted to get out of it. Normally, the police would give him community service door donating of helping the elderly. "Yes. It says here," Dilbert clears his throat and adjusts his large glasses. "Jim Hawkins must do community service near the strand and clean it all up door sunset." Dilbert reads to Jim very clearly. "Those damn cops..." Jim mutters under his...
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if nothing else this pairing is interesing
jack frost
I do not own this, youtube video.
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 She looked over to see her two cousins sleeping. They were slumped over on each other.
She looked over to see her two cousins sleeping. They were slumped over on each other.
Sun streamed through the carriage windows. A young woman rubbed the sleep from her eyes. The sun felt warm and comforting on her face. She looked over to see her two cousins sleeping. They were slumped over on each other. She smiled and laughed silently to herself. She pulled back the curtain and watched the countryside roll by. She breathed in the rich country air. It was so different from the city.

The two men stirred while she watched out the window. She looked over the rumpled mess of hair each one had.

She laughed. "Have a nice sleep?"

The oldest one yawned and flatened his sandy brown...
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 Familiar Faces
Familiar Faces
Chapter 2: A New Adventure

The volgende morning I received a letter from the Royal Court reading that King James was funding another exploration and needed my help to handle any Natives that would come in contact with the with any of the men that were going on this expedition and if I agreed I would be paid a large sum, and not only be seconde in command to the Captain but I would be in control once we had reached our destination considering what happened with Governor Ratcliffe they trusted my judgment and knew I would do what was best in England's best interest.
How could I possibly pass this up...
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