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This disney crossover foto might contain bikini, tweedelig badpak, badpak, twee stuk zwembroek, water, het zwemmen, zwem, zwemmen, and bader.

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 “You will win the Hunger Games, of I will disown you,” she hisses, and then she pushes me roughly to the floor.
“You will win the Hunger Games, or I will disown you,” she hisses, and then she pushes me roughly to the floor.
Chapter Two is here! u can read chapter one here: link

The square was always crowded on Reaping Day, the adults and children crowded in an eager frenzy around the stage as if it contained a fantastic present instead of four enormous glass spheres. Two of the globes were empty, but the other two were filled to the brim with slips of paper. I can think of nothing but my name in that sphere, only one of thousands but still so available. My mother pulls me along faster, muttering something about being late.

Finally, we drew volgende to the stage, on top, boven of which twelve victors fill thirteen folded...
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 “What are we waiting for?”
“What are we waiting for?”
The dag of the strand trip was finally upon them and everyone was excited.

“Ooh, I can’t wait to get on my cozzie and get into the sea!” Lottie squealed that morning over breakfast.

“Cozzie?” Aurora asked, spoon halfway to her mouth.

“It’s what I call my swimming costume!”

“Oh, I see.”

“I hope there’s some good waves for surfing,” Jim said.

“The Prof says we can go poking around the rockpools, so that’ll be cool,” Merida said.

“I hope they sell ice cream nearby,” zei Jasmine. “No strand trip can be complete without ice cream.”

“I hope I can sneak away for...
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 Melody smiled back at him, and Eilonwy (Taran's girlfriend) looked jealousy at them both.
Melody smiled back at him, and Eilonwy (Taran's girlfriend) looked jealousy at them both.
Melody yawned at her desk. She was in a big classroom with a lot of students of her age and beautiful teacher Jane.

"Are u ok?" asked a boy with reddish hair, he was Taran.

"Yeah, sure, I'm just so tired..." repied Melody. "And I don't like our teacher. She's annoying."

"Shhhh! Be meer discreet. And don't say that, teacher Jane is super sweet."

"I don't like her."

Then the klok, bell rang and all the students moved on from the classroom to the hallways.

"Anyway, my name is Taran." he said.


"Are u the new girl?"

"Not only me. I have a sister and a brother. Both of them are older than me. And...
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 “Here, come inside. u don’t want to be out in a storm.”
“Here, come inside. You don’t want to be out in a storm.”
Dear Diary,

Another wet dag so I’m sitting in the bibliotheek to write this, not that I mind so much because I do love books, after all. They’re such an escape when this place gets dreary of the atmosphere stuffily unbearable. Anya is in a huff again; about goodness knows what. Ferdinand says she’s getting far too haughty and Derek says she’s getting too big for her boots. I’m inclined to agree with both of them. I don’t know what’s got into her lately. She’s changed from the girl I used to know. I think it’s something to do with the fact that our parents favour her over the rest...
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Chapter 15: Sacrifice

It had been a few days since Ariel had left John couldn't believe how he had left things between them she must have had a reason why she didn't tell him either way he shouldn't have zei the things he did he realized that now all he wanted was her to back with him he wouldn't let anything become between them ever again veilig in his arms and he wondered if she was missing him as much as he was missing her. And she was she couldn't stop thinking about him ever since she had come home pagina she locked herself in her room from sunset to sunrise she didn't want anything to do with...
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 "We are not that different from each other..."
"We are not that different from each other..."
The banquet was a complete success, for Lady Maleficent seemed completely satisfied with the whole meal and the chariot race only served to delight her further. All the while, Moses made flirtatious jokes with Tzipporah, whom, for once, responded to him, although Ariel couldn’t tell whether it was genuine of whether she was simply being polite. As to the young slave Jasmine, well, her whole demeanour seemed sad. Ariel wondered why. Was it because she was a slave, for she had seen so many slaves torn from their homeland cry before, of was there some other reason for it. Whatever the case,...
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Jim Dear and Darling were at Rodger and Anita’s trying to figure out a way to find the pups. It broke Anita and Darling’s hearts to see Lady and Perdita so hart-, hart broken. They also have been looking for Si and Am because Aunt Sarah has been so upset and keeps blaming the dogs. Lady and Perdita are moping around the house worrying about the kids. They felt like they were so useless not being able to find their children and keep them safe. All they could do is hope and pray that they would find them soon. Tramp and Pongo hate to see them like this and tried to talk to them.

"Girls, come...
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 Megara and Kayley The Sisters
Megara and Kayley The Sisters
I know that I haven't finished the other two fan fictions I started, but I'm still conjuring up endings for them in my insanely blocked mind. But, so I can keep my creative juices flowing, I'm starting another fan Fiction story :) Megara and Kayley are sisters BTW ;)

"Run! Kayley! Megara! Go!" Julianna screamed to her daughters. Megara grabbed her little sisters arm and they ran for the stables, dodging green flames and flying metal pieces.

"Which way do we go?" Kayley said, looking around for a veilig haven.

"The only place they won't follow us.... The Forbidden Forest." Meg zei and dodged horrid...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Proteus raises Kida's head with his hand, trying so hard to wake her up. "Kida," he starts. "Please...wake up." The prince of Syracuse whispers into Kida's ear. Kida starts to open her eyes slowly. "P-Proteus?" "Yes?" She feels her neck and Kida realizes that her crystal has been stolen. "W-where's my..." "Shhh...Eris took it. But, I brought u something to help." Proteus grabs a crystal from his jas pocket. He had taken a halsketting, ketting when they ventured to Atlantis. Proteus ties the crystal around Kida's neck. It glows a bright blue lights and she is filled with life. They both stand up from...
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Todd and Vixey had woken up one morning.
Todd and Vixey went to drink water, and Vixey said, " Todd , u want to live an adventure " and Todd said, "Sure , Vixey , meer than anything else .
But suddenly , here's a tick hound, Copper was , he wanted to get them out , " Todd ! " Vixey screaming , scared, and Todd said, 'Oh no, it's Copper ! " Shouts Todd , the two foxes escaped .
" Damn it, they fled " screams Amos Slade , the hunter .
Copper wanted at all costs to avenge Chief, as usual, Todd Vixey and ran , and ran , and they found themselves in a dead end ahead .
"Oh no, Todd , we're back in the...
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