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 Two Mothers
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Moses's Mother And Esmeralda's Mother are good vrienden during The Story Of Joseph King Of Dreams they both knew some dag the man who will deliver the Hebrew to freedom.
the prince of egypt
quasimodo's mother
the hunchback of notre dame
Basil and Kitty walk the streets of Petropolis, and all of a sudden, upon the two detectives, falls a big piano, and the two are stunned and said:
Kitty: Ooh
Basil: What happened, where we are, where we are, and who am I, ah, it is true are Basil of Baker Street.
Kitty: I am Kitty Katswell, if I remember correctly?
Basil: Yes, and it's true, u are Miss Kitty Katswell, it's true!
Kitty: Oh, right, it's obvious, but ...
Basil: But What?
Kitty: u have a strange face.
Basil: Really?
The muis investigator looks at her reflection in a puddle and now.
Basil: Eeeh, whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa,...
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 She had simply kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed.
She had simply kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed.
The first thing Tiana did that morning when she woke up was make herself a strong black coffee. The seconde thing she did was reflect on the events of the night before.

After she had made her way home pagina from Lestat’s mansion, for that was what it had been, a great gothic mansion, she had simply kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed, too tired to get her brain working straight. But now she was properly awake, she could start to think about it all in a little meer detail.

So, what had happened? Some random, albeit handsome and charming, guy had stood up for her when Facilier had snapped...
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Chapter 2: Saved

Phillipe and I stopped of to the side of the road for lunch I sat in the gras and ate some brood and cheese I had bought from the town near door it wasn't much but it would hold me over until we got to Paris. While I was admiring the dandelions and made my wish I let Phillipe rest for quite awhile and have his fill of gras he was getting older but he's still a good horse the best companion he has been with us since I was there since a little girl always there when I needed someone to talk to and always up for a ride when I needed to clear my head he's the only friend I've ever...
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 "Now hold on a minute!"
"Now hold on a minute!"
Word quickly got out that Adam had recovered from his attack. That was good news to Flynn in particular – Rapunzel and the other boys had been worrying that he might give himself a seizure with all the stress that had built up within him in the space of twenty four hours.

“If anything happens to Adam, I’m gonna kill Gaston,” he had kept muttering.

To which Rapunzel had soothingly replied “Adam’ll be just fine, Flynn. He’s tougher than people think. You’re worrying about him too much.”

Thus when they received the news that he was alright, Flynn had almost collapsed in relief....
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 “Did u have something to say, Miss French?”
“Did you have something to say, Miss French?”
Belle walked into the R.E classroom feeling somewhat confident. “No matter what happens,” she thought, “I will not let him abuse me again.”

“Hello, ladies,” grinned Aladdin, sitting at the front tafel, tabel with his feet up.

“Shift!” grinned Jasmine. “You know we always sit here!”

“Aw! Do I have to? I’m comfy here!”

Meg rolled her eyes. “Well, if u don’t move, one of us is going to have to sit somewhere else.”

Belle looked around. Aladdin’s vrienden were sitting at the back table. There was a spare zitplaats, stoel beside Adam. Before her vrienden could object, she made her way...
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 "Belle, you've gone roze as your dress!"
"Belle, you've gone pink as your dress!"
Belle woke the volgende morning, feeling strangely cleansed, despite all she’d been through the vorige evening. She stretched and pushed herself out of bed with a yawn. Snow White had her head under the hoofdkussen, kussen and she groaned upon hearing Belle awake.

“Too much sun! Too early!”

“The bell’s about to ring,” Belle pointed out and a seconde later it did. Snow White groaned again. “Why do u always have to be right?”

“Come on!” Meg battered her with her own pillow. “Get up and at ‘em! It’s the football game today, remember?” She looked over at Belle. “You alright, sweetie?”...
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 thee for a Princess and a Piglet!
Tea for a Princess and a Piglet!
It was an ordinary summer’s evening and Belle and Adam sat door the fire. As usual Belle had her head buried deep in a book, which Adam was reading over her shoulder. They often read together like this because it was so much meer companionable than reading alone. The book they were reading tonight was called The Red Hound of the Moors and it was all about two mice, one named Basil and the other named Dawson, who had to solve a mystery for their friend, Madame Olivia and her father Hiram Flaversham, along with the help of their faithful dog Toby and their equally faithful and reliable housekeeper...
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 Sumerjoy's profiel pic.
Sumerjoy's profile pic.
Hi! Here's the interview!

-How did u get to this spot?
Someone suggested that I joined this spot, so I did. :)

-Your first crossover was..?
Dodger and Angel

-When u did your first crossover u were..
Excited! I was happy that I was finally able to make a crossover like everyone else on here. :D

-Your top, boven 10 couples are..?
1. Dodger/Angel
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

2. Genie/Charlotte
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

3. Charlie/Rita
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

4. Oliver/Marie
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

5. Kenai/Pocahontas
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

6. Timon/Tinkerbell
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

7. John Silver/Jane
 door sumerjoy11.
By sumerjoy11.

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So here's my artikel for the best guy for Ariel. I have made picks to eliminate choices until there are only two left. Last one standing is the best match for Ariel. This artikel is what I think of each guy with Ariel and than commentaren from fans from the picks.

Jim Hawkins #9
 door ponyboyjonny
by ponyboyjonny

This one couple is widely debated. Some people love it some hate it. I personally like this couple but I prefer him with Audrey. I'm still a fan of Ariel and Jim but not as much as I use to be.

dont like her much with jim...i like him meer with jasmijn for example. (DIAMELA)
hate it (pretty_angel92)...
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 all rights reserver disney
all rights reserver disney
Here's my Best Couple for Belle countdown lineup.

John Smith

#8 Frollo
 door PrincessBelle2
by PrincessBelle2

I don't even have to say why Belle shouldn't be with Frollo. He is too old for her and he's already a dirty old man as it is. I don't know why people to that. I don't know if it's meant to be a joke of what, but it's just disgusting.

ew XD (Ribon95)
ewww (pretty_angel92)
I know, she's too old for him, in fact Frollo can find someone else to datum like the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothel, of Queen Narissa. (sturmelle15)

#7 Tarzan
 door Me
by Me

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(A short fanfic I wrote as a part of the Disney Crossover What If game)

Part 1

Making his way toward a small town, Phoebus rode his horse in silence. It had been nearly a jaar since the events of Frollo and the burning of Paris. Phoebus looked down at a woven band he had in his grip. His mind far from the task at hand.
Esmeralda had not made it through the events as easily as he. The man just barely kept himself from tears as he remembered how relieved he had been to see Quasimodo schommel, swing down and rescue the Gypsy woman's limp body from the flames, only to find out that it already too late. His...
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Hi! I made this video. :) Do u like it? ^^ Leave a comment! :D <3
disney crossover
chel and kuzco
non disney crossover
the road to el dorado
the emperor's new groove
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 Updating Soon!
Updating Soon!
In the depths of Ancient Egypt, where even the royals were governed door law, there was a prince and a servant girl...

Ramses II is the young, headstrong heir to the troon of Egypt. Determined to be a better ruler than his father someday, Ramses has never been one for playing door the rules.

Ariel is the beautiful servant girl who has been Ramses' best friend since saving his life in their childhood. Cautious and loving, Ariel knows her place, but when friendship turns to love, she will gladly defy the rules.

The young couple are determined that nothing and no one can ever tear them apart. Their...
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The plane of the poachers , who took Kovu and Kiara , came over the forest of Alaska.
Inside the plane Kovu said, " Kiara , we have to deliver, and will flee from here" ,: "But how? " zei Kiara , Kovu from continuing tested the cage, and the cage was opened at the end .
" Kovu , u 've made it ! " Kiara screams , and " Kiara , u expect me free " , Kovu , with all his teeth broke the padlock, which was enclosed in a cage Kiara , Kiara and went , " Kovu , you're my hero " Kiara zei , "I know , Kiara , on time , we run ! " : .
Kovu opens the portal of the plane, "Follow me Kiara ! " Kovu says...
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Aladdin’s Point of View:
    We all woke that morning, calmly, except for Ranjan and Mowgli, who continued sleeping. I looked to the spot where jasmijn had decided to rest, and my eyes widened when I realized it was empty. As quickly as I could, searched the hideout, but came up empty-handed. My breathe caught in my through as the fear of capture began to play with my mind. I shook my head, and looked out the window, trying to think of where she could’ve gone.

Kida’s Point of View:
    I woke up only to see Aladdin tearing the place apart looking for...
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