disney crossover 5 in 1 CIC Round 2: Drama Tiebreaker (Comments are considered)

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 kristenfan10109 posted een jaar geleden
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SarahCorine picked chesire:
I feel like drama was interpreted two different ways here. You have the drama theater kind of feeling that I get from ntmfan0707 and then you have the dramatic scene feeling that I get from Chesire. The effects in ntmfan0707 are really pretty and very well done and I never thought of putting those two together but it actually really works. ntmfan0707, you did a really good job. I love crossovers that make me think of new couples. =)

I choose Chesire becaue I love that there's so much potential for a story behind this. I want to know what it is. As a writer, I love the crossovers that tell stories. They intrigue and are so much fun to look at. Good job to both. =)
posted een jaar geleden.
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Sparklefairy375 picked chesire:
I love this one, they looks like in a dramatic scenes of drama.
posted een jaar geleden.
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fluffyduckling picked ntmfan0707:
So beautiful.
posted een jaar geleden.