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Hi everyone. So I´ve already made my prettiest princesses list, but every princess needs her own handsome prince, so without further ado here´s my Most Handsome Princes List. door the way as with my prettiest princess list, I might change my mind later, and also I´ll like to say that this lijst doesn´t include sequels (you´ll see what I mean later on).

10.Prince Charming
Funny that he should be in the last place of this countdown, considering Cinderella is one of my favoriete Disney movies, but I just find him to plain, I mean he´s not ugly, but there´s just nothing remarkable about him. He...
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10. The Prince
He's just too feminine looking for my taste. It got something to do with his red lips. Sorry nothing personal, u just got some heavy competition.

9. Prince Charming
He's not ugly either, he has a beautiful dazzling smile. Just that hair, ugh.

8. John Smith
He has a nice body but I don't see the big deal with him. There are shots I find him hot but I usually think he's eh. Personally, I thought Kocoum was hotter.

7. Prince Phillip
He's pretty generic looking, nothing stands out. I think he's just a decent looking guy with nice features. The typical Knight in shining armour, I like...
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 Wish I could be a disney prince(yes I'm using a line from Part of Your World)
Wish I could be a disney prince(yes I'm using a line from Part of Your World)
So I made my favoriete lijst and I thought I might as well make a most handsome list. I'm a guy so it's kind of difficult for me to talk about guys looks. If only I was as good at talking about guys looks as girls on fanpop are with girls. Anyway commentaar telling me what u think.

I know I'm going to get attacked for this but I actually think he's really ugly. He's a good character but I just find him ugly. His eyes are too small and weird looking. His nose is strange and his lips look weird. I don't like his hair, I know it's traditional but I think it looks stupid. His smile looks...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men!
It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men!

Face it…we all like it…eye candy. Sadly, there are some people (like most of us here at Fanpop) who have a crush on a cartoon character. Hi. My name is Dani, and I’m a Prince-a-holic. “Hi Dani”, responds the readers. Some of these placements will be easy for me and others not so much. I’m basing this lijst solely on looks…not personality, because I don’t want my results to be biased just because I like a Prince’s personality. So, yes…I get to be shallow this once! Hope u enjoy!

10. The Prince

It pains me to place...
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#9. Prince Charming(Cinderella)
Don't get me wrong. I like him. He's a nice guy and he's handsome. A lot of people on this site say he's boring. Well,I don't think he's really boring. He's just not as exciting to me as the other princes. Nothing personal.

#8. Captain Shang(Mulan)
He's cool. He's a great leader,teacher and fighter. Not to mention,he's a handsome man hunk. I don't really know why he's #8 in the countdown. I'm sure it's nothing against him. I just like others better for some reason. But,he's a great guy. :)

#7. The Prince(Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs)
He's so romantic. I...
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I feel kind of weird making this artikel but oh well, as long as I keep some of u entertained. I didn't take looks and how much I love their character into consideration. I care meer for personality but obviously, I couldn't be with someone that I don't find the least bit attractive. I think they're all decent looking, better than the average man so it's really who I think are ''husband material''.

10. John Smith
He doesn't look like he's got a mind of his own, he'll just agree with everything I say without really understanding me. I usually like people who just speak up their mind,...
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Let me start door establishing that his character is clearly structured in accordance with a prominent for newer Disney films “Prince with flaws” trope, except that his flaws don’t kruis the line into straight up ignorance, racism (as in case with John Smith), class prejudice (Naveen) of taking innocent people hostage even when they are old and severely ill therefore can die if involuntarily placed in a cold dungeon (Beast) hence why Flynn’s change of hart-, hart comes off as significantly meer believable and organic considering the concise time dedicated to his character progression due to...
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