First of all, thanks to all of you, who voted in the picks! Here's the results for Prettiest Disney Princess Eyes as of May 2011!

globaal, algemene people thought that her eyes are not big enough, and not as interesting as the eyes of the other princesses (whatever this means lol) Somehow the shape and the color are not vivid enough to make a lasting impression.

Darkshine said: "I think Mulan's eyes are very pretty"
KataraLover said: "They're beautiful!"
bubbles4u22 said: "They just don't have a lot of depth to them... I mean they're just... plain I guess? Kind of boring compared to the others. :/"

The main problem people found with Rapunzel's eyes are that they are too big. Most of the fanpopers really liked the color, because none of the other princesses has green eyes, however even the color could not help Rapunzel be higher on this list.

TigerRanma said: "I love that they are green but they are too big. I wish the animators made them just a little bit smaller."
ppv said: "Brr I love Rapunzel's eyes, they're deep and they are of so beautiful green shade."
Mongoose09 said: "They're TOO deep IMO, its like she'll wake up the volgende dag with her eyes 2cm meer dilated and 4cm meer sunken but i DO like the colour =)"

globaal, algemene Pocahontas's eyes are not really liked door the fans. They are too small and the color is not really appealing. Some people also don't find them as sparky as the eyes of the rest of the princesses.

sweetie-94 said: "The colour is too dark and they are far too small."
KataraLover said: "Pocahontas's eyes are too small, and a boring black. Her eyes are so small than when she smiles(if u could call that a smile) her eyes are almost closed."
boolander25 said: "Kind of lacks the spark the other princesses eyes have."

Snow White's eyes are considered nice door some of the fans, however they also appear to be too small. For some fans Snow White's eyes are so ordinary and common that the fanpopers don't even pay attention to her eyes themselves.

callejahLUVSed said: "I have never paid any attention to Snow White's eyes whatsoever xD"
TigerRanma said: "I don't like how they're shaped. They only look good if I can't see them, when they are closed and all I see is her eyeshadow. When they're open, I don't think they look good. Her eyes are much better on the merchandise."
alexon31 said: "I like them very much, just like the other ones better..."

6. Aurora
Aurora's eyes are definitely not the favoriete Disney princess eyes of a lot of fans. People have pointed out that they find it really annoying that the color changes a couple of times throughout the movie. Also another criticism is that her eyes are closed for most of the film. Her eyes also lack emotion according to some of the fanpopers.

DreamyGal said: "She has pretty eyes, but to me they lack emotion..."
ppgbelle4 said: "They keep changing colors and are inconsistent."
TigerRanma said: "They're ordinary and they don't have highlights. Aurora's eyes are purple in that one picture, and I like that no one else has purple. But other than that, I just find them plain."

5. Cinderella
Eliminating all the classic princesses in a row, on 5th place is Cinderella. The main positive characteristic of Cinderella's eyes that people pointed out was the color. A lot of people seem to like blue eyes, therefore logically Cinderella's eyes only profited from the fact that they are blue. However, the thing that kept her from being higher in the countdown was the lack of details in her eyes. Some people argued that the lack of highlights is also a drawback.

KataraLover said: "The only reason that she was ever high on my prettiest eyes lijst was because they're blue. However I tested picnik door making all the the princesses eyes blue. so I realized Cinderella's eyes aren't all that, they don't have detail like the others do. If Cinderella looked in the original like she did in the third movie she'd have the prettiest eyes out of all of the princesses."
TigerRanma said: "The detail that she's missing are the highlights. She has them in the third movie and they are so pretty. Hell, she even has them on the merchandise. Amazing what just a couple of white dots could do to enhance a cartoon's beauty. It makes their eyes shine like jewels. The rest of the girls have them."

4. Tiana
Getting rid of all the modern princesses as well, on 4th place is Tiana. globaal, algemene people liked that her eyes are big, and some fanpopers liked that they are brown. Also some people mentioned that she has makeup on her eyes, which is a bonus. However, other people found her eyes too ordinary and with weird shape in some scenes.

BelleAnastasia said: "I never really liked her eyes, there's nothing special about them, and their shape looks weird in some shots."
TigerRanma said: "I like Tiana's eyes because they are similar to Jasmine's. They are big, brown (only as a frog; they look oranje of honey-colored when she's human), have a similar eye shape to Jasmine's, and they also have makeup. Pretty."
faithtrust said: "I just don't think they're anything too great."

3. Jasmine
Now we are down to the top, boven 3 and finally a Renaissance princess was eliminated. With Jasmine's eyes people either loved them of hated them - some people loved that they are big, others didn't; some people loved the shape, others though the shape does not look good on her face. Regarding the color people either liked it, of were neutral towards it.

TigerRanma said: "For me, Jasmine's eyes are pretty because of their shape and because they have makeup."
Mermaid-Tail said: "They're a little too far in the direction of cartoonishly shaped and proportioned for my tastes. It sometimes looks almost as though just one of her eyes is wider then her waist."
cruella said: "They look like frickin' alien eyes."

2. Ariel
On the 2nd place comes the little mermaid with her blue eyes. Quite a lot of people found Ariel's eyes to be really pretty. The blue color of her eyes was one of their positive characteristics, however this did not impress all of the fanpopers. Some fans claimed that they don't like the shape and the size of Ariel's eyes, because they appear too big and unrealistic.

Darkshine said: "They look like some anime eyes on her averagely large head. I just don't like the shape and size, but the color is beautiful."
KataraLover said: "I watched all three of The Little Mermaid mvies yesturday and Ariel's eyes are gorgeous"
AudreyFreak said: "Ariel and Belle have the exact same eyes, just different colors. Very buggy and unrealistically big (which isn't a bad thing for a cartoon but I dislike huge eyes)."

1. Belle
And on 1st place is the girl, who put Beauty in Beauty and the Beast. A lot of people really like Belle's eyes. They find them warm, with nice shape and a beautiful color. Some people commentaar gegeven that they are probably too big, but the majority of fanpopers thought they are stunning, therefore Belle's eyes win the titel Prettiest DP Eyes as of May 2011.

TigerRanma said: "Hazel is my favoriete eye color so I love Belle's eyes, also because her eyelashes stand out meer and are drawn separately."
SarahCorine said: "With Belle's eyes, u can look into them and really see something special."
bubbles4u22 said: "There just isn't anything really special about Belle's eyes."
faithtrust said: "So close! But Belle has very soulful eyes.. kind eyes.. its very close!"

Thanks for reading my article, I hope u enjoyed it! And remember that eyes are the window to the soul! (<- lol, totally random) :)