Even a princess slips up sometimes...
I think this artikel has been done before, but I want to go ahead and lijst the things that I think are each of their biggest faults which are what make them who they are, and make us love them even meer :)

I absolutely love Jasmine! She's got this fiery personality and is strong willed and speaks her mind. This is something I love about her, but can also put her at fault sometimes. She's a bit too harsh and feisty which makes her appear bitchy to some people. She comes across as too snappy and almost mean sometimes (like me! xD). This just makes her all the meer realistic and lovable to me
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There's not a thing I don't ADORE about this girl. Her looks are absolutely adorable, she's so spunky and fiery, but a bit naive at times. One thing I think is her fault is that she is a bit too rebellious and sometimes selfish. Ariel also changes herself for a guy she loves which may seem like a bad role model, but she's a rebellious teenager who's crazy i love. What do u expect? She doesn't put others before herself and acts like your typical flawed teenager. In the end, she learns her lesson and she really is a caring wonderful person. She is one of the most relatable princesses because of these faults. She is perhaps the most flawed princess which makes her a favoriete of many.
humph! I didn't get what I wanted.

A lot of people say that she is so bland and boring and well.....really boring. I don't think that's entirely true! I really love Aurora because she's such a romantic DREAMER. She's so sweet and elegant and graceful. Sure, we don't get to know her better but that's because she had like 18 minuten of screentime. I think she has a lovely personality that's gentle, sweet, and caring. Her flaw is that she doesn't seem very sharp minded. She also comes across as very spoiled at times. She breaks down crying when she finds out she's a PRINCESS. I would be ECSTATIC if I found out I was a princess! It seems ungrateful of her. She doesn't do a lot of thinking, just a lot of dreaming...but that's your typical princess.
What? I'm a princess?! NO this sucks, because there is NOTHING worse than being a princess!

Well this is gonna be quite hard because she's my favoriete princess! Well to start out I will repeat what many others have zei about why they love Belle. She's gorgeous, smart, strong minded, a dreamer, wants meer in life, is an outcast blah blah blah the works. Well something I specifically LOVE about Belle is that she's a young women who is kept in a tiny little town and is AMBITIOUS. She doesn't CARE what everyone expects of her (to get married, have children, work in the town, cook, clean blah blah blah). She wants ADVENTURE, she's a girl who wants to BE SOMEONE. That is the aspect that reminds her of MYSELF. I HATE when people tell me I should live the stereotypical woman's life because I am SUPER ambitious. That might just be Belle's flaw. She's so ambitious and wants all this adventure which, if her whole story hadn't happened, might have hindered her. She doesn't pay attention to anything in the town and spends her life dreaming and not DOING much about it. She needs to DO SOMETHING about all her dreams and ambitions!
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Hmmmm, this is difficult. Mulan is just such the quintessential form of a hero. She's a freaking warrior princess who kicks butt! Mulan is brave, selfless, courageous and generous. She saved her country! I think a flaw she might have is that she tends to act without thinking about things much sometimes. Like, sometimes it helps to be prepared and Mulan kind of just went to the army without that much of a plan. A LOT of luck went into her destroying the huns but of course that doesn't take away from her accomplishments. I'm just saying that she could think about her actions first.
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I'm not a huge fan of Pocahontas but I still like her. In the beginning of the movie she was so fun loving! She seemed like a bright and bubbly character but that all went away in a hurry when she fell in love with John Smith. She got REALLY boring....I know she's noble and all that but it's still boring....Her major flaw is that she needs to lighten up. She decides to take matters into her own hands sometimes, and is well not much fun. That's the reason some people don't like her. She had this fiery personality that just turned into blahness. The other princesses are just meer fun!
I must stop this war. No time for fun. *queue dramatic mist for effect*

Snow White
The first princess is so sweet, lovely, and perfect but yes, she has her flaws. The major one is that she is SO GUILLABLE. She DOESN'T use her brain AT ALL.She doesn't think! She dreams all dag and is caught up in her own little world to THINK. She's not that smart either. She's a bit too much of a housewife for me. *sigh* I just wish she was tougher and would stand up for herself meer instead of being a screaming wailing damsel sometimes. She's the original stereotypical princess. u can't hate her because we all love a damsel in distress, but she sure has her fair share of flaws.
My prince will come save me someday so all I have to do is sit here like a good little girl and wait.

Oh Rapunzel Rapunzel, u are soooooooo cute, but u are sooooooo naive! Yes, I love Rapunzel for her bubbliness and her super energetic personality but she can appear REALLY ditzy and naive at times. Yupp, that's her flaw. She's REALLY naive and believes whatever people tell her. Thank god she ran into Flynn Rider and not some jerk that could easily take advantage of her. u gotta love Punz but she can seem dumb sometimes because of her ditziness. She's a bit immature and childish too. Heyy, that just makes her so lovable :)
WHAT?! the world isn't made of lovely rainbows and unicorns?!

I like Tiana, she may be at the bottom of my princess lijst but I still like her. I respect her for her hard work and never giving up on a dream. Her flaws would be that she does NOT know how to have fun. She needs to relax and stop thinking of work so much. She's workoholic and that is kinda what takes the magic away from her movie. While Aurora and Belle were dreamers who didn't do much about their dreams, Tiana knows her dream and OVERWORKS IT. She's such a hard worker and sees her goal, but that kinda of makes her oblivious to the other opportunities that are available in the world. It makes her blind to so many other wonderful things in life that she would have missed out on if it weren't for Naveen.
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I just LOVE Cindy sosososososososo MUCH! She's my favoriete of the classic princesses because she's a hard worker AND a dreamer! She's so sweet and caring. Her flaws would be that she listens to her Step family too much. Why can't she just say no? Why does she do the chores so willingly? It kind of frustrates me how she lets the sisters push her around, almost crush her dreams and tear her world apart. Come on Cindy, stand up for yourself! She's a bit too obedient and meek. These flaws are what make her her gentle, mild, lovely self. She is the definition of NO ONE CAN EVER BE PERFECT. For perfection is a flaw. Her obedience, and seemingly perfect mild personality was EXACTLY her flaw, but no one's complaining cuz thats what made her story :)
I must work hard and be obedient. Why? oh because good things come to those who wait.

And that is the end of the flaws of the princesses. Everybody has their flaws and no one (including disney princesses) can be perfect. Because Perfection is a flaw. u cannot be everything because that is self contradictory. The princesses represent this exactly. Hope u enjoyed it! :D