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posted by starlight77
Lizzie was making great time. Ben's horse had been galloping the whole way back to Bayern. The only time they had slowed down was when they ran into a very old woman with a black cloak. Now it was almost daybreak and they were getting close to the parts of the woods that Lizzie was familiar with. Soon they were at the fence door the practice field and Lizzie was back on the palace grounds. She rode onto the practice field and jumped off the horse when she saw a stable hand and gave him the horse. The stable hand looked confused but Lizzie didn't have time. She ran towards the palace and took the stairs to at a time. Running down the hallway to her parents' room, she hoped that she had made it in time. She threw the door open and found a huge group of people standing in her father's room. "Oh no," she thought. "I'm too late." Then her father stirred, zei zei smiled at her mother, and then rested his head again. Lizzie stepped into the room. Everyone looked up at her. She walked over to a tafel, tabel and poured her father a cup of tea, dropping the petal she had found into the cup. She walked over to her father, everyone curious as to what she was doing. The king's face was gray and everyone knew he wasn't going to be around much longer. He took a sip of the thee and his face almost instantly brightened. A smile spread across Lizzie's face faster than any stallion could run. She almost knocked her father over when she hugged him. All the people in the room smiled as the little princess hugged her father.

After her father had been cured Lizzie was sent off to have something to eat, get washed up, and take a nap. When Lizzie woke up it was three in the afternoon! Lizzie got up and put on a clean dress. She wasn't exactly sure where to go, her father could be anywhere. Eventually, she ended up deciding to go to her father's study. It was where he went for his government duties and since he had a lot of those piled up he would probably be in there soon. Lizzie picked a book off the book shelf and sat down to read. Twenty minuten later the door to the study opened. Lizzie looked up to see her father's face. Then her mother walked in.
"Oh hi, Lizzie," Lizzie could tell that her father felt uncomfortable.
"Lizzie we have great news for you," her mother told her. Lizzie couldn't possibly imagine what it was. "You're getting married!" the queen shrieked.
"What?!" Lizzie could not believe this. "Mother how could u do this?!" Lizzie had been volgende in line for the troon since she was born.
"Well your father and I were going to let u be volgende in line for the throne, but whatever u gave your father has made him stronger than ever. Then the king of Corona sent us a letter a few days geleden and he wants u to marry his son! It's perfect. It will bind our two kingdoms together and make Bayern much stronger."
Lizzie couldn't believe it. Sure Bayern hadn't been the happiest place for Lizzie but she had always taken a small comfort in knowing that one dag she would get to rule it. Now she would have to verplaats to a place she had been to once and marry a complete stranger. And then there was Ben. Ben! He worked at the palace! What was she going to do if she ever saw him at the palace? He would be heartbroken (not like Lizzie wasn't but he wouldn't know what was going on).
"We'll give u time to let it sink in," the queen said. She left the room, the king trailing behind her, but then he stopped. He gave her a zei look and mouthed the words patio ten minutes.
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10. Megara - Hercules

She is drawn in a very specific, edgy style to fit in with her film's animatie but still, Meg has beautiful purple eyes, pouty roze lips and gorgeous brunette curls. I find her quite beautiful although her body is the single most unrealistic which is forgivable since it's one of the cartoonier films.

9. Mulan

One of my all-time favourite Disney characters, she is never one to top, boven the beauty lists. But I actually find her to be quite lovely. Simple but at the start of the film she has gorgeous hair. Of course the designers had to make it believable that she could...
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In honor of Valentines dag coming up I'm making a lijst of my top, boven 14 favoriete love songs from animated movies. Starting with my least favorite, number 14, each dag I will add a love song I like and on Valentines dag I will reveal my number one favoriete love song from an animated movie and this artikel will be complete :)

14. One Song - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I really like this song because it's so romantic but it's kinda dull compared to my other favoriete in my opinion...But I'm totally in love with the lyrics like
'One heart
Tenderly beating
Ever entreating
Constant and true'
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Part 1
As u may already of noticed I am a bit of a fan of the Disney Princesses and their films. One aspect about these films that I find really interesting is the kingdoms in which their stories take place, including the buildings and the general surroundings. So I decided to write an artikel discussing each Princesses kingdom. In this artikel I am looking at Walt Disney's princesses ie. the original three.


Name: Snow...
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Many people think Mulan (the movie) has the best quotes of all princess movie, that and the fact it is Mulan maand gave me idea to start such countdown. In the beginning, there were about 70 quotes I thought are important , I included about 40 in countdown and here are the best ten.

Out of these ten:
2 are from Shang
2 are from Fa Zhou
2 are from Emperor
and 4 are from Mulan

10. "Ping, u are the craziest man I've ever met, and for that I owe u my life. From now on, u have my trust" by Shang

This is zei after Mulan saved Shang and finally earned honor and respect for her deeds.However...
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posted by alafastanzio

Attina has an oranje tail with a matching seashell bra and brown hair, and wears a crown-like tiara similar to her father's. She is described door her sisters as being bossy but has often displayed being the most responsible. According to Ariel’s Beginning, Attina is the eldest (and is likely the next-in-line to the Atlantican throne). This was determined door her unique crown, robust voice, as well as speculation that her name is a Jamaican pronunciation of her mother’s name, Athena. Although her name was most likey taken from Alan Menken's rock opera "Atina, Evil Queen of the...
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Sleeping Beauty was released on January 29, 1959 and was made due to the overwhelming success of Cinderella. Therefor the Disney Studios got right to work revisiting the fairy tale formula and developing a new version of the classic story. It was decided early on that this film would have to surpass its predecessing fairy tale films.
 door Evynd Earle
by Evynd Earle

Background artist Evynd Earle was hired to develop a new look which combined both medieval and modern art forms. His designs were unique in that they were dominated door definate vertical/ horizontal lines and geometric shapes. This would have...
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Aladdin: So here we were, early 1990's, and the Disney Renaissance was at its peek. The studios had produced two of the highest grossing animated films of all time and still were pushing on. However the team suffered a tragic loss with the death of lyricist Howard Ashman who surprisingly had had a large amount of creative input on the vorige two films. (He named Ariel) It was even his idea to make the volgende Disney animated feature, Aladdin released on November 25, 1992. However, much to the disappointment of many, this would be the last picture to showcase a royal fairytale princess for the...
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Snow White ___________________________

In the beginning of the Grimm's Tale Schneewittchen, Snow White's mother pricks her finger with a sewing needle and three drops of her blood fall onto the snow which lay on the ebony windowsill. Oddly enough, this made her long for a daughter of a similar color scheme. While this reflects the arc of the story: (white)innocence, (red)maturity & love, and (black)death, her name particularly represents a season when the world metaphorically sleeps only to be inevitably awakened with the coming of spring.

_______________________________ Cinderella...
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