Snow White-She's a Hufflepuff because she is hard-working and loyal. Both to her step-mom at first (Why else didn't she run away earlier?) and then to the dwarfs.

Cinderella first choice for her is Hufflepuff because she's loyal to everyone. My 2nd choice for her is Gryfindor because she's stands up to her step-mom once in the movie.

Aurora-I can't decided wether to put her in hufflepuff of ravenclaw

For me basically almost all the Disney rensiance princesses are Gryfindors.

Ariel-Gryfindor-she acts brash and only cares about what her hart-, hart wants and not want her head wants. Besides she doesn't follow rules-sounds familiar?

Jasmine-Gryfindor-she's brave because she tries to runaway but doesn't succeed and also she opens her mouth before she thinks. "Why are u guys standing around like I'm some prize to be won?" "Not to a stuffed up old bozo" "Why didn't u tell me?"

Belle-Ravenclaw she has an opened mind
2nd choice Grfyingdor because she is rash and also she is brave.

Mulan-Gryfindor-she is brave because like Belle she takes her father place somewhere. Also she is rash.
2nd choice-Ravenclaw I choose this because she plans on how to do stuff.