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If anyone's been here for meer than a few months, they know that, one, my lijst is an ever changing mess, and two, if I'm not writing this artikel every two months, something is wrong. Well, it's been nearly four of so months since I last wrote this lijst and somehow my lijst has remained relatively stable. Despite it staying nearly the same, these have always been my favoriete artikels to write, so I just thought I'd write it again. So here I go!

13. Belle

It's tough. I can see the appeal of Belle, I really can, and at times I wonder why she's last on my list, but she just..is. I don't know, she's definitely a nice princess with meer than a few admirable traits, but my problem with her is that she's always seemed to have too many admirable traits. It just seems as if while constructing Belle they were imagining the perfect, ideal princess in mind and while she does have some minor flaws, they're greatly outweighed door all her other character traits. I mean she's sassy while compassionate, beautiful yet unknowing of the fact, strange yet not to the point where the viewers find her weird..it just gets to be a bit annoying to me. The one thing I do love about her is her devotion to her father. Despite having pounding dreams of adventure, she stays in her boorish town because her father needs her. Belle is hardly a bad character, I just can't seem to love her wholly.

12. Ariel

I never thought Ariel would verplaats up from last, but I'm slowly starting to appreciate flawed characters more. I even considered moving her higher, but there's still the problem that while I find her to be an interesting character, I can't find many character traits that I connect with. I've begun to appreciate her yearning for adventure and discovery and her going after the truth for humans and not just accepting the stigma that all humans are evil creatures. I do wish she had meer of a proper apology scene, but I do think she was truly sorry for her actions in the end. Ariel is hardly perfect and I just wish the movie didn't paint her to be so. I wish The Little Mermaid made Ariel confront her flaws meer head-on, but all in all I've really started to enjoy Ariel's character.

11. Mulan

Ugh, this is painful. Really, really painful. I hate having Mulan this low, I really, really hate it. I can see the appeal no doubt for Mulan, she's an incredible character and it's no mystery to me why she might just be the most populair princess on Fanpop. I love Mulan before the war, she's awkward, always yearning to please her family, but failing, forgetful, and hardly perfect. I can really identify with Mulan in those times, especially with wanting to please my parents. It's not as if in war Mulan is necessarily different than prewar Mulan, it's just the environment causes me to feel..cut off from Mulan. I don't know, just being in a war makes the situation meer surreal to me I suppose, and we can no longer see Mulan doing everyday things. She does in fact seem to lose a bit of her awkwardness and clumsiness after the whole Be A Man montage and I just feel something off with her character from that point on.

10. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is a mixed bag for me. If anyone's been here for ten months of so, they'd know that for a while I had a Rapunzel faze around then where I was obsessed with her. I was obsessed with everything at face value and purely for enjoyment, and slowly I've started to see clearly and realize that Rapunzel is much like Belle, my least favorite. Rapunzel seems to be not perfect, put carefully constructed. (Jessikaroo's words, not mine. u all should read her article, it's a jem.) I do love many things about Rapunzel, I love her character development, her intelligence (both book smarts and quick thinking), her kindness and compassion, her apprehension which is a rather unique characteristic, and the many sides to her character, but I can't find enough flaws in her to find her to be a well rounded, interesting character. Rapunzel will always hold a special place in my heart, but sadly she's stuck down here.

9. Elsa

I struggled putting Elsa here. I do love her character and I often wonder if the things people have zei about her have brought her here. I really adore the interesting perspective we see from Elsa. She's unlike anything we've ever seen before because people view her as a monster, certain people want to kill her even! I find that to be very interesting, especially from a Disney Princess point of view. I also can really relate to her despite her not having many known traits. Much of Elsa is left for speculation, which I don't necessarily have a problem with. What I do have a problem with is the way Elsa seems a bit inorganic. I don't know, I just can't seem to connect with her very much, though I do still feel for her. I find it very admirable that she kept herself away from Anna despite wanting to be with her only for the fact that she wanted to keep Anna safe. I also love her character arch and how she finally learns to accept herself in the end. Sadly I feel too lackluster about Elsa to verplaats her any higher up my list.

8. Tiana

Tiana! I've had moodswings with Tiana lately, but I've never not found her to be a strong, admirable character. She, like Rapunzel, has a bit of a nostalgic feel (which is strange as their two of the newest princesses) due to the fact that when I discovered the Disney Princesses early last year, she was always on top, boven with Aurora and Rapunzel. While she's dropped, I still find her to be an extremely interesting, unique character. She is a bit too narrow minded and obsessed with work for me, but I think she has a good reason. I suspect that going after her father's dream was a bit of a coping mechanism for mourning her father's death. I love how after she meets Naveen she learns to let lose a little while still being herself. Naveen and Tiana give each other the things that the other most needed and that's why I love that couple so dearly. Tiana is going no where but up on my lijst lately and I'm happy that I'm finally starting to see her character in a meer positive light.

7. jasmijn

In many ways I can't find a single fault with Jasmine's character. She's very well constructed in my opinion, with so many layers and much meer than meets the eyes at first glance. The sole reason she's not higher is she's just not really the character for me, but I still do adore her. I love how she knows her worth and won't let anyone treat her like she's less. While she's sassy and independent, she's also got a soft side and is a bit naive about how the world works, as shown in giving the boy that apple. I also love how forgiving she is to Aladdin because it shows how she doesn't expect people to be perfect. She could see why Aladdin felt the need to lie, and while I do kind of wish that she would've been a little meer angry at him, I still like how that all was handled. I also find jasmijn to be rather quick witted and pretty intelligent and I've always liked her yearning to leave the palace walls. Jasmine's character is wonderful and I often wonder why she's so underrated on this site.

6. Anna

Ahh, Anna! These are the princesses who I adore whole heatedly and whom I struggle to say anything negative about. Anna is such a breath of fresh air and I really do adore her. I love how she shows us that wanting love isn't a bad thing and that it's okay to not be able to do everything on your own. I feel that lately there's been a bit of a superwoman complex (rhythmicmagic's words I believe, again u should check out every artikel written door her, she's incredible!) where the princesses have to be self-sufficient, but Anna is a bit of a throwback to the classic princesses with a modern take. I love her neverending optimism and joy, it's infectious. I also love and admire her always withstanding love for Elsa, despite Elsa constantly pushing her away. The fact that Anna sacrificed her life for Elsa is a testament to Anna's character and I have no idea how anyone could not view Anna as such a selfless character. I desperately would like to have Anna in my top, boven five again, but for now she's stuck on the outskirts.

5. Cinderella

We've entered the top, boven five and with an incredible princess at that! I adore Cinderella, but in a different way than I adore the rest of my top, boven six. I just have a warm spot in my hart-, hart for Cinderella and she never fails to put a smile on my face. Even when she first appears on screen we can see so much about her. While of course warm and caring, I've also always found her to have a bit of a temper and to be one of the funniest Disney Princesses. The self control that she has is so admirable and the fact that she remains sane in that household is something to admire alone. I used to find Cinderella bland, but now that's far from the truth. I find her to be one of the most realistic princesses in the lineup, definitely out of the classic princesses. I actually like how she has moments of weakness where she starts to give up on her dreams, it's realistic and allows me to connect with her. Cinderella is just a joy and it's a wonder as to how she could've ever been last on my list.

4. Merida

I'm really having a bit of an obsession with Merida lately. Honestly, I'm not even sure why, as she's a bit of an outlier on my list, I just love her lately. Brave is my favoriete Disney Princess movie because the emotions are so real. I really connect and feel for Merida's character and the character arch that she goes through in her movie is no doubt my favoriete out of all the Disney Princesses. Her relationship with her mom is so touching and Merida has so many standout scenes for me. I love how Brave never once tries to shadow Merida's flaws, yet forces Merida to face them, confront them, and fix them. I find her apology to be extremely sincere and I find her character to be extraordinarily interesting. It doesn't make too much sense as to where this sudden adoration came from, but I'm very happy it came to me.

3. Snow White

If I could have all of my top, boven three in first place, I would. I wouldn't even hesitate to do so. Alas Snow just takes the short end of the stick, but don't doubt for a seconde I don't love her just as much as I would if she was in first. Snow White is pure and utter joy to me. I adore her and she never fails to put a smile on my face. Snow White is such a layered princess and I love how there's so much to her. I love her motherliness and how she loves to take control of situations. She's also borderline manipulative in convincing the dwarfs to let her stay with them and a bit insecure in the fact that she desires everyone who knows her to like her. Her relationship with Grumpy is so sweet and I love how she prays for him to like her. The moment Snow White leaves the top, boven of my lijst is the moment I've gone insane, I'll never understand how one can not love Snow.

2. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is incredible. She's utterly fantastic and I love her to the moon and back. She's a very interesting character in the sense that she's got a lot of fighting sides inside of her. She's rather mature and responsible, yet confused and playful. She's wise, yet lacks common sense. She's elegant, yet wild. I really admire Pocahontas and her character arch really speaks to me. I love how we see her at such a low, confused place the entire movie and how she finally figures everything out in the end and does what she knew she was supposed to do the entire time. I love how she wants to take the path less traveled, despite it being dangerous and how she doesn't take John Smith's backhanded insults. I really can't find the words to say what I want about Pocahontas because I really adore her on such a high level, but there's still one princess that I adore a tiny bit more.

1. Aurora

Ahh, what can I say, old habits die hard. Aurora is wonderful and I've never not adored her from the first time I layed eyes on her. I can really relate to Aurora's character and I've always liked how her character leaves a bit to the imagination. She's always been a bit mysterious to me, yet I've always loved that about her. Her indecisiveness, her imagination, her wonder, her kindness, her naivety, all of these are traits that don't get shoved in your face, but traits that u can see revealed from her actions. I adore how she desperately wants meer freedom, but has a hard time asking for it and how she has a hard time in general telling people how she really feels. Aurora's flaws, her lack of a backbone, her having a hard time standing up for herself, her following Phillip despite knowing that she shouldn't talk to strangers are all things I accept, but just make me love her more. I really can't put my finger on the thing that allows Aurora to top, boven my list, it's just a feeling I get every time I watch the movie that Aurora was made for me. She's my perfect princess, the one princess whom I can never agree with a single bit of criticism on, the one princess whom is my favorite.

Well, that's my article! I hope u guys enjoyed reading it and thanks for reading!! :)
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Author’s Note: Hey Fanpop fans!
Here is another part of my fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards”. I know, it took time to do it! I tried to do it meer interesting. I want to tell u that this part is a little long and meer romantic. I am sorry, but I love romantic parts. I want to clarify that to me, Cinderella is the leader of the Disney Princesses. I know that some disagree, but I love the idea of Cinderella of been the leader. I hope that u like this part. Have suggestions? Please feel free to add in the comments. Please, write some comments, I want to know your opinions. Enjoy it!...
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 Disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Here it is! Another part of my first fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards” Sorry for the time it took me to write the volgende part. I want to thank all the people who read this story, but also for your comments. I love to see that u like my story Thank you! Again, I want to remind u are that to me Pocahontas and John Smith are married to me. To me, the story went like this; He returns to England to recover about his injury. But when he got better, he returns to see Pocahontas and get married. Her father accepts and they got married... For me, the seconde story didn’t...
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In the volgende months, I'll write a series of 8 artikels (well, I'll continue only if u like them, of course). The first 7 artikels will be about separate aspects of the DP films (Score, princess, couple, screenplay, villain, sidekicks and animation/art), and in the final artikel I'll make the average of the grades I gave the films in each aspect and make my favoriete DP films lijst = )

This is the seconde artikel in the series "Animaluco's top, boven 10". It covers all DP Movies' screenplays! Enjoy!

10. Cinderella - 6,75

This movie's screenplay has nothing special. Though it doesn't toon any...
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Sir Peter's POV
I watched Adella, studying beside me. She was biting her lips, in concentration as she studied the book I had gegeven her. Those rose red, kissable lips. I would have no chance to lay my lips on hers, she would soon be married to some prince.
I had loved her ever since I first began teaching her, when she was 14. She was just a young girl but her mind, beauty and attitude made me love her.
The light in her eyes when she handed me a essay of a poem she had written herself. Her beautiful face I would never get to touch.
I was madly in love, it seemed odd because of the age difference...
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 My Fanpop icoon (since I don't have pictures of me on my laptop)
My Fanpop icon (since I don't have pictures of me on my laptop)
First Name: Isabel. I don’t mind being called that because I like my name but I always go door “Isa”. (My mother was thinking of naming me "Fabiola")

Country of Origin: Mexico, Merida.

Favorite Disney Movie: Tangled. (It used to be "The Little Mermaid").

Hobbies: Reading; Dancing; Singing; Watching movies, TV and anime; Fanpop; Play with my dog Kin; Writing stories; Hanging out with my BFF; Practicing my old ballet dancing moves; Painting.

Education: I’m going on my first jaar of college volgende jaar as I dropped out last jaar because I wasn’t sure with the career I was studying. And for...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I figured it was time someone wrote an artikel on this. We all LOVE the Disney Princesses, of else we wouldn't be here. Do u ever find yourself wanting to break into song, but realizing if u did, you'd probably be thrown into a mental institution? We can't get away with that. We can't go into a strangers house uninvited; that's called breaking and entering people. These are things we can only dream of, but things that our beloved Princesses get away with. I've compiled a lijst of moments such as these. They aren't in any particular order, and I'm sure I probbaly left some things out, but...
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The rain poured on Derek and Odette's kasteel as Le Fou was pulling Charming away from the castle. Le Fou, being as small as he was, managed to get through the threatening forest and stopped in a grassy thicket.
"You tall people are too heavy," he grunted as he set Charming near a rock.
Charming moaned in pain, but was unconscious and couldn't hear Le Fou's constant complaining.
Le Fou took a deep breath. "Why couldn't Gaston take u out here?" he yelled at no one. "He's big and he could take u all the way to the mountains!" He sniffed the air. "Your blood smells funny." He poked the spot...
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Don’t get me wrong but I don’t like every Disney Princess. On the 10, there is one I actually dislike. I LOVE all the others. So, hope u will enjoy my list.

10. Aurora
I used to like her when I was 4 but I've realized she’s the only DP I really dislike. She’s just…boring. I've nothing else to say about her.

It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just I like others better.

7.Snow White
She’s so adorable, so cute, so delicate, so naïve (too naïve). She looks like a porselein doll but I hate her singing voice. I also love her dress, but, like for Jasmine, I prefer...
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So I've finally decided on my lijst of Disney Couples. The thing is....I only like 5 of them. Yeah, u read right. I only like half of the disney couples. Why? As a general rule, I like couples who love meer based on action rather than talking. The little things couples do for each other, like smile at something else the other is doing, rather than saying "you're beautiful", is meer convincing to me. To be frank, I also base it very much on their first meeting. Those who have an instant connection are usually higher than those who don't. Too many of the DP couples are like that;...
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Let’s be honest here: basically every movie sequel song sucks. Still, some of the good songs have lost their way to the sequels. This artikel is about my favoriete sequel songs. As captions I used my favoriete lines from the song. Let’s start.

10. For A Moment (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
This song always gets to me. It’s just that… erm... I’m not sure. Melody is too enthusiastic for my taste. On the other hand, it’s really good that she’s so enthusiastic. Otherwise the whole song would be ruined. Hard to explain. Still, I really like this song. It’s very inspiring....
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I didn't base this of my opinions. This lijst is based of which princess films the critics like/dislike.

10. Pocahontas

Rating: 55/100
Consensus: Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but it's largely a bland, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and an unfortunate lack of fun.

9. The Princess and the Frog

Rating: 84/100
Consensus: The warmth of traditional Disney animatie makes this occasionally lightweight fairy-tale update a lively and captivating confection for the holidays.

8. Mulan

Rating: 86/100
Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor,...
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#9. Cinderella
Yep. Sorry,Cinderella fans. She's at the bottom of my countdown. I mean,it's not that I don't like her of anything. I love her. She's kind and beautiful like all the other princesses and her movie is great,too. It's just that it seems like she's the most typical princess and has the most typical story. I understand it's very well known but still,it seems to be told meer than any other fairy tale. So,she's just not as exciting to me as the other princesses. But,hey,I'd choose her over Hannah Montana any day. ;)

#8. Aurora(Sleeping Beauty)
She's meer beautiful than Cinderella...
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So the Disney Princess fan for the maand of April is Dweep! Congratulations! I for one have noticed all the work she's been putting into our spot and whole-heartedly agree with the verdict. So let's get right down to the interview shall we?

How long have u been active on this site?
I think I joined in the late summer of 2009. Me and my best friend wanted to find out which Disney Princess was the prettiest so we looked it up and got to this site. But it wouldn't let us vote unless we were a member so I made an account. I named the account "dweeb" because I felt like such a loser for joining....
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I have tried/am trying to write a Disneyville high school but I'm having issues about how to represent the characters. I got Gaston down at the jock, and the triplets girls from Beauty and the Beast as cheerleaders Cinderella and her steps are the new kids (but Ella's the protagonist).

These are who I have for teachers:
Jane Porter- English
Jafar Magic -Science-*picks on Aladdin*
Merlin History-history
Ursula Landvik -gym class/swimming coach *picks on Ariel*
Roger Radcliffe –music
Anita Radcliffe -home Ec.?

Aurora-(but likes to be called Rose) Pajari
Phillip Romanov
Aladdin Scott (I guess...
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My name is Basìlìa, I'm white, I have blond hair and I'm very skinny, as in I'm very undersized. I don't want to get deep into things but I'm a lonely kid, I'm bulled, I have dyslexia and I can't do any physical activity. I have diabetes, and no friends.

On the happier side my favoriete princess is Belle because she was the only one who could cheer me up every weekend I went to the hospital.

I'm thirteen, I also like jasmijn andSnowWhite. And my favoriete movie is Cloud9 because it taught me that I can do anything if I really try, and I always thought I couldn't do anything, but I can play the piano really good, my mom is very inspiring because she could do the impossible
Sorry if some of my writing was choppy, when I type my hand shake, they always do that.
I hope u guys will like me.
 They held each other, ever so tightly and close together that it seemed their hearts could almost be touching.
They held each other, ever so tightly and close together that it seemed their hearts could almost be touching.
vorige PART


    Everything was finally as it should be. As it should’ve always been. John Rolfe had been banished from her tribe and forced to go back to London. John Smith promised Pocahontas that he would always stay with her and never leave her again. She made the same promise to him. Their lives, their hearts, their souls had become one, never to part again.
    When he looked into her eyes and held her in his arms, he felt warmth that he never felt elsewhere. He felt love that he never thought was possible. When she looked into his...
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