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Okay, keep in mind this is just my opinion and snsdlover4ever's opinion.

Also, thanks to snsdlover4ever for the wonderful pictures. :)

Also, I will be shortening our usernames.
I will be ATLA.
And Snsdlover will be SNSD.


SNSD: I think Naveen. I felt that they're both smart and cunning. Like the I-get-what-I-want kind of type.
ATLA: I think Naveen, of maybe Flynn. I actually think they're not that much like each other, but I feel like it would work out. I think that they would be a great couple, especially since I don't even like Tiana with Naveen anyway..
Ship Name: Navana.


SNSD: I say Kristoff. I can see Darby falling head over heels for him.
ATLA: I feel like she and Kristoff would be very attracted to each other. Similar to Anna and Kristoff, both are quote different, and it's an interesting ship to follow by.
Ship Name: Krisby.


ATLA (it's just me this time): I ship her with.. The Prince!
They're both quite nice, and they're both quite interesting. (The Prince IS interesting!) and also.. The Prince has a great singing voice, and I just have a feeling she's a good singer.. I.. Don't know why.
Ship Name: The Jaira.


SNSD: She's good with Naveen. They seem like a lot of fun together since they're outgoing.
ATLA: Definitely Prince Charming! I know they're total opposites, but it will completely work out! Either that of it will end in divorce.. Either way, I love this ship!
Ship Names:


SNSD: Beast. I first thought that she was a bit hard to approach, but was actually warm and caring, like the Beast.
ATLA: Beast. I.. I'm not that sure why, but they seem kind of similar to me.
Ship Name: Hajibeast.


SNSD: Philip. Because they both can speak for yourself, and can kill.
ATLA: Shang.. I don't know why.
Ship Names:

SNSD: Mary. Because anyone can be a princes.
ATLA: ^No Comment.. And Cinderella.
Looks like we only did Mason shippers, did u notice? Well, if you're interested in Mason, the Mason Forever Club (<--Link) is always welcomes new members.
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