My lijst hasn't changed all that much but I thought after rewatching Aladdin I would write an updated list.

13. Merida- Not a fan, I'm all for female empowerment but I don't like her attitude. She is just so rude & I do not find her likeable.

12. Elsa- She just really bugs me. I can't think of any other reasons but she just aggravates me.

11. Anna- Not keen on her either. She is not as bad as the other two but I'm not a fan, moving on.

10. Tiana- She is too much of a workaholic. I get that she has dreams to run her own restaurant but she can have fun once in awhile.

9. Jasmine- jasmijn has really moved down on my list. I just cannot stand her attitude. I like strong women but her attitude is so irritating. I find her to be so rude. She is also a hypocrite. Aladdin lies to her but yet jasmijn believes him & she claims she is "not a prize to be won" but yet she lets Aladdin treat her like one, makes no sense. She is just too much a diva for my taste.

8. Pocahontas- I have nothing against Pocahontas but I find her forgettable. The whole movie is forgettable. She is a bland character IMO. There is nothing wrong about her I just don't find her as exciting as the other princesses.

7. Snow White- I feel bad for not putting her higher than 7 but she doesn't do much for me. I know this is shallow but her voice just gets under my skin. I find her voice to be very off-putting. I don't know what else to say but I just can't get into her.

6. Mulan- I feel bad for not putting Mulan any higher but she's not my style. Again, while I like female empowerment I don't know if it is like this where u guys live but where I live she constantly gets shoved down peoples throats she was the first feminist princess. I highly disagree with that. She dresses like a man to be strong, I don't think that is the best message for girls. Girls should not have to dress like men to be strong. She lied to the army about her gender, I'm not an expert on Chinese government it is illegal to lie about your gender to the army. While the Walt era princesses get so much flack for getting saved door a man, meanwhile Mulan lied about her gender to kom bij the army. I'm not sure if that is the best message for children, sorry if I offended Mulan fans. Mulan is just not feminine enough for my taste.

5. Cinderella- While I don't care for the actual movie, I do adore the character. People complain how Cinderella should have just left her stepfamily but she had no where to go. She couldn't simply just verplaats into an apartment & work at Dunkin' Donuts. Marriage was really her only way to escape her family & people have to remember in that time period, women didn't have the options they do now.

4. Aurora- Aurora is not the ster of her film, it's really the 3 good fairies but it's hard to not like Aurora. She is so sweet & kindhearted & I just can't help but not love her. She is one of those characters that always puts a smile on your face. I love how classy & elegant she is. I also love Aurora's introverted & reserved personality. I think it's great that modern films & tv shows have stronger women but I wish we made meer characters like Aurora around but it is not acceptable for todays society unfortunately.

3. Rapunzel- I can't even describe how much I love Rapunzel! She is just so enthusiastic & bubbly. I'm a bubbly person myself. I love Mandy Moore so that is another plus. She is just so fine & I love how she is strong but she is still feminine. I love her scenes with the frying pan! Those scenes are a riot! She is just an awesome character!

2. Belle- Belle was a huge part of my childhood! I can relate to Belle because I am an outcast at my college because I love Disney & most people at my college think its weird to be passionate about Disney as a college student. I love that Belle has a passion for books. I love to read though I could be better about reading but it's harder as a college student because I read a lot for classes & do a lot research projects so I don't feel as motivated to read but I'm hoping when I graduate volgende semester, I will have meer time to find a book to read for pleasure. Another reason I relate to Belle is because some of the guys at my school are like Gaston.

1. Ariel- I'm sure for those who know me on fanpop, my number one DP isn't a surprise. I can't even describe how much I love Ariel. I get so angry when people hate on Ariel. I love her bubbly personality & as I mentioned earlier, I'm a bubbly person myself. I'm very energetic like Ariel & I'm also driven & adventurous. Even though I'm a guy, Ariel totally fits my personality. If I were a princess, I would totally be Ariel.

These are my rankings. I hope u all liked my article. commentaren are welcome but please don't be rude, thanks!