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fans have voted for the most romantic datum for Disney Princesses and the results are in. There's something extraordinary about each datum in its own that others don't have, but still a countdown means, there's a favoriete and there's a least favoriete among fans. So here's how they have reasoned out these dates for the following ranking:

10. Snow and Florian - singing at the balcony
Majority fans chose this with clear mind, seeing that they hardly get to interact with each other and only spend few moments together. While it was seen as sweet and little flirtatious but in lieu of others it failed to make a better impression on the fans.


MaidofOrleans: This is hardly a date. They spend very little time together, and barely interact at all!

anukriti2409: this is at best flirtation...

audreygrace412: I think this is romantic but a bit lacking and one-sided because it's just the prince singing to her and not as much interaction of involvement as the other dates.

Sparklefairy375: Agreed with audreygrace. I even don't think it's a datum at all.

lililc: not really a date,he sang and she ran away (i don't blame her,i would be scared to death if a guy i don't know just jumped the uithangbord and apeared volgende to me)

Bumbl_ee: They barely interacted throughout the "date". They were just singing to each other, of rather the Prince was singing while Snow White was hiding.

9. Mulan and Shang - avondeten, diner proposal
While fans agreed this was sweet, but meer than that there was hardly anything in this to call it a proper date, maybe a proposal? Well, fans voted this out volgende in lieu that it was way too short and awkward feelings between the couple tonen through the scene.


anukriti2409: This is sweet and straight forward. I like Shang's awkwardness in this, and Mulan's eager reply but it's too short to call a date. This was literally just asking out.

ntmfan0707: This was very last minuut and not romantic.

UnholyNoise: so awkward and blah. this is actually the only choice in the enquête that is totally unromantic to me.

lililc: Don't get me wrong,i´d allways liked the proposal to avondeten, diner (and the grandma is hilarous) is really sweet and awkward like in real life,but the other dates seems just so unique

MaidofOrleans: This is such a sweet and funny scene, but I don't consider it to be a date. The avondeten, diner that immediately follows it would be a date, but this is not.

Bumbl_ee: ^i agree

Sparklefairy375: It isn't romantic.

Funfums: Like what others said, it`s eccentric.

8. Pocahontas and John - Nature Walk
The fans choices were spleet, split in this round, and there were less majority, in comparison to vorige rounds, to choose Poca and John's datum over others. While some felt that it wasn't romantic because Poca was meer into preaching about environment friendly living habits, others argued that what they were doing through that - experiencing nature walk, swim, running through wild and rolling on the gras was much meer fun, if not romantic. One thing was common, everyone agreed this datum had the stunning setup.


anukriti2409: Pocahontas is literally teaching John and it isn't romantic from any angle. Even though the setting is truly gorgeous, it looks meer like an educational trip than a date.

UnholyNoise: anukriti makes great points about Poca and John's nature walk - the scenery is nice but the "date" is just her gently explaining to him that it's wrong to be a racist tool and that he needs to change. So romantic!

audreygrace412: Darn this is tough! I have to pick this one because I agree with anukriti that door comparison, it's the least romantic though I do think it's a beautiful bonding experience where she teaches him about nature and they see a wide variety of gorgeous backdrops.

Bumbl_ee: I agree with what anukriti said.

stemmen NOT IN FAVOUR:

wavesurf: Poca and John cover meer physical ground on their walk together, and there are breathtaking views! I certainly like the nature walk meer than dancing in the swamp.

MaidofOrleans: I really like Poca and John's nature walk. They do so many things together! I also really like Tia and Naveen's dance, especially since she cooks him avondeten, diner beforehand.

7. Tiana and Naveen - dance in the bayou
fans probably just felt that it was least romantic of all the options left. There wasn't much against it except for the setting of the swamp, which fans pointed wasn't a great environment to have for a date.


wavesurf: I really don't see what is romantic about teaching someone how to mince, and then go dancing with them in the swamp. I can think of other venues that are meer atmospherically appropriate. The nature walk ( which everyone voted out last round) so definitely beats this one door a mile.

anukriti2409: this is the least romantic to me of all the ones left now..

Funfums: I don't really find this romantic honestly..
I don't find the ball dance for Aurora and Philip romantic either. So.. I'll just say Tiana and Naveen for now.

Bumbl_ee: It's the least romantic out of the ones left.

audreygrace412: Dancing on a lilypad and going for a swim in the swamp looked super romantic between the frogs, but I personally don't find a swamp to be too romantic. The setting was gorgeous outside of that though, outside in the night sky underneath the stars and the glowing lights as they danced. It really started to get romantic as they were clearly falling in love and about to share a kiss, until Tiana remembered that Naveen was basically 'engaged' to Charlotte, even though he had never even met her before. The rejection of this kiss and embracing this love is what makes me choose this option, despite the romantic potential it had.

stemmen NOT IN FAVOUR:

MaidofOrleans: I also think Tia and Naveen's datum is cute since she cooks him avondeten, diner and then he teaches her how to dance. It is one of the first scenes in the movie when we actually see her having fun!

tiffany88: Tia & Naveen at least have a avondeten, diner before they danced XD

6. Aurora and Philip - the ball dance in the forest
Although few fans had begun to vote for this as they thought Philip was a little too vooruit, voorwaarts with his flirting and it could look offensive in a way, it was finally voted out at position 6 because others were simply much meer involved, better set and were meer romantic.


MaidofOrleans: Honestly, I think Phillip flirting with Aurora before they dance is a little creepy. He physically restrains her from leaving and won't take "no" for an answer. It makes the whole scene leave a slightly bad taste in my mouth.

wavesurf: The forest door Eyvind Earle is spectacularly drawn. It is magical in it's own background presence.
Philip is really into the flirting, and it shows. Aurora is not as into the flirting, and it shows. door the end of their flirting and dancing, I think Aurora may have warmed up to Philip. Before, Aurora was understandably, just really scared! Keep in mind that Aurora has never seen an in-the-living-flesh guy before. She's only had a picture of a "dream man" for years and years. Going back to a collective evaluation of the datum itself...I just think that flirting and dancing isn't a whole date. It's meer a meet-and-greet.

tiffany88: I agree with Wavesurf , this so called datum have to go now. Phillip just scared Aurora with his offensive flirting. It's not really bonding imo.
The other couples have meer nice memories and moments together.

Funfums: Awkward flirting. o_o'

fanlover: Hanging out in a forest? No thanks.

stemmen NOT IN FAVOUR:

anukriti2409: the atmosphere is gorgeous with forest and lakes and a heuvel overlooking the kasteel in the distance, Aurora singing and dancing makes for perfect mood. It has that element of little flirting from Philip, while a Aurora is shying away. But then she is convinced he means no harm and they dance together. Going door the "most romantic", Aurora and Philip have clearly fallen in love.

5. Ariel and Eric - tour of kingdom and boot ride
It had become increasingly difficult now as all dates have all the beautiful elements and are unique in their own ways. The choices were hung on small differences. Ariel and Eric had to leave at this point when most fans felt that the datum was ruined in the end door Ursula and Eric was becoming hesitant in kissing Ariel, which made the moment awkward. While other set of fans argued that this is one of the best Disney dates because of originality and several moments Ariel and Eric get to share while going on tour of kingdom unlike the other traditional dates. This was seen as meer fun, involving and unique door them. But alas, this was voted out eventually.


anukriti2409:I love that they go for town hopping together and share some adorable moments together. Then they get to share a dance, which Eric is teaching Ariel. Ariel is thrilled and Eric is slowly liking it. I totally love the boot scene! it's just so beautiful and breathtaking. My only problem is that Eric is not in this romantically, although he may like Ariel but he's not wanting to kiss her willingly, which makes it less romantic than the others left now.

mimansa: I like it, but the least among all these. Like anukriti2409 said, hesitating to kiss her while she's eager and all, makes it whole lot less romantic for me.

Sparklefairy375: At first this is romantic but at the end it was disturbed door Ursula's minion, that ruined this scene.

fluffyduckling: The tour of the kingdom was nice but the boot ride was a bit awkward with Eric's hesitance.

stemmen NOT IN FAVOUR:

wavesurf: Ariel and Eric collectively do meer things together. The two of them took a tour around the kingdom (at Grimsby's suggestion), they went dancing, they went driving in a carriage for the scenery, and they went on a lagoon boot ride. And contrary to what Anukriti has said, Eric did start developing feelings for Ariel on their outing together. Ariel did not force herself on Eric. Eric actually leaned in really close, while pulling on the oars, and then he paused-- directly into Ariel's personal space! Ariel thought a kiss was about to occur. When Eric moved his head AND his body away, Ariel was just as embarrassed door her misinterpretation of Eric's body language as Eric was himself! (In this scene, Eric had gotten in really close to Ariel, and then his courage failed him. hahaha). Eric and Ariel both have a moment where the "new" element of falling in love produces fear. Once Sebastian "sets the mood" for them--- the fear wears off. And Eric has no problem following his feelings. Eric is the one who takes hold of Ariel's hands, first. It's not the other way around. And Ariel smiles at him quietly, closes her eyes, and just waits. That's one of the most magical and romantic moments in Disney for me.

MaidofOrleans: I like Ariel and Eric's date. :( It's the kind of datum my boyfriend and I would go on.

tiffany88: Aww, Eric&Ariel's town datum was so lovely :(

4. Belle and Beast - avondeten, diner and ballroom dance
fans felt that this was too normal a datum and nothing unique in its composition except the grand ballroom. avondeten, diner and dancing is a little too conventional. They also thought Belle wasn't nearly as happy to be in the datum as others were, and she kinds of ends the datum on a zuur, zure note. While collectively fans felt it was time this couple leave the countdown, making for the way for top, boven three.


tiffany88: Belle kinda looks like to me that she hasn't got better thing to do, so "okay, let's have avondeten, diner and dance".

wavesurf: I like Mrs. Potts singing for Belle and the Beast. But when it comes down to it...I don't feel the romance really happening between Belle and Adam during the ballroom scene. Sure, Belle leans on his chest, and Cogsworth and Lumiere cheer, but I don't really feel that it is romantic. It is meer of a friendship being honored.
Also, just sharing a meal, doing a little dancing, and sitting on a balcony isn't all that exciting to me. The minuut Beast asks Belle if she is happy, Belle emits this heavy sigh which kills the mood for me. No, Belle isn't happy. Belle is still thinking about her dad. Belle isn't romantically involved in this as much as Beast is. When the beast takes Belle to the West Wing and gives her the mirror, I feel sorry for beast, not for Belle. Belle is again preoccupied with her own interest in her dad. It's as if this whole evening the beast planned, where the beast is trying to get Belle romantically interested in him, was a rushed endeavor and no longer counts.
This is the least romantic one for me of the ones left. Basically, Belle just ruins the moment in the end.

Sparklefairy375: Tough choices, all of them are romantic. I pick this meer because the duration of this scene is shorter than the others.

Funfums: Shorter scene and I don't really see much romance going on for me.


3. Cinderella and Charming - the ball dance
While everything was appreciated and felt that this deserved to be in top, boven 3, being the original as well as accounting for lovely Palace grounds and couples being most beautifully dressed. The only eliminating factor that came to light was it being a public affair, rather than a private datum like the other 2 left.


anukriti2409: the walk in the private gardens is just gorgeous with fountains and moon shining on the river..but so many people watching the dance would make it awkward, esp the King himself. Cinderella really enjoyed her time, but then the others two left were so much meer involved in it and has much meer interesting and beautiful set-up

tiffany88: I really love Cindy's 1st datum with the Prince. Huge crowded ballroom, stunning ballgown and a romantic stroll in the garden <3 Very very charming.
But maybe the other two are a little bit meer private and intimate(even if we count Rapunzel's kingdom dance as part of the date) so I picked Cinderella's.

Sparklefairy375: I agree with tiffany88. Cinderella and Charming's datum is romantic and charming. But both of Jasmine's and Rapunzel's are meer private and wonderful!

MaidofOrleans: Now it's getting really hard to choose. I love all of these. I picked this one because at the beginning when they first started dancing everyone was watching them. I would feel very uncomfortable if there was a large crowd watching me dance with someone.

Funfums: Too public.

2. Rapunzel and Eugene - kingdom sightseeing and lantern watching
While this has all the elements of a wonderful and romantic datum and gave a tough fight for the 1st position but eventually lost out to Jas and Al's date. fans found it a bit unoriginal, with Ariel and Eric having the similar datum and that eventually this too had its interruption. But they did say that this deserved to be in top, boven 3 for its exceptional content.


MaidofOrleans: Both of these dates are amazing and totally things I would love to do with my boyfriend. The problem with this datum is that Aladdin was lying for the duration of it, and even when jasmijn figured out he was the boy from the market he STILL continued to lie about being a prince! To me this kind of compromises the romance of the date, since jasmijn is falling in love with a facade.

anukriti2409: Even though Eugene and rapunzel was interrupted door Stabbington brothers, i think their feelings grew mutually and there was no false promises of false hopes between them. The change in their emotions is very heart-tugging.

stemmen NOT IN FAVOUR:

audreygrace412: Very similar to Ariel's Tour of the Kingdom, this was a nice datum with romantic events such as touring the town and going for a boot ride. (I think the events of the other dates are equally of meer romantic though.) The lantern setting is nice with the lanterns but not really my taste. (I prefer the stars to lanterns and gras of courtyards to little boats on the water.) It was sweet that they were starting to fall in love but the fact that he was hiding his identity from her as a thief on the loose and she was anxious about what her mother had just told her about him not loving her, made it awkward for them and they seemed unable to voice their feelings at first, since this technically wasn't a datum in that it wasn't planned that way. (Whereas the other dates on this were meer openly romantic.) As soon as they were about to kiss and toon their feelings, they were interrupted door the Stabbington(?) Twins and Mother Gothel takes away from the romance of it to me. (Though the other dates had their interruptions too.)

wavesurf: Too much in their romance is "borrowed" from The Little Mermaid. The sight-seeing, the dancing in the town, and the romantic boot ride were all almost directly identical to what Eric and Ariel did on their first date. It's not to say that it isn't romantic...but it is definitely less romantic for me than watching Eric and Ariel's first date...because this literally is the seconde time Disney has repeated the "same actions" of its characters. And guess what? Eric is about to kiss Ariel, and Flotsam and Jetsam overturn the boat. Eugene is about to kiss Punzie, and sees the Stabbington Brothers. In both cases, the guy doesn't finish kissing the girl... In my view of the almost kisses, the first time the almost kiss happened was much meer romantic in The Little Mermaid.

1. jasmijn and Aladdin - magic carpet ride
As the name says, magic carpet ride. It truly is magical, most unique and most romantic datum of all. They enjoy their time, travel and see so many new things together. Riding among the clouds and stars and birds was just phenomenal in every way. And the best part, the datum isn't interrupted before the kiss could complete which makes it complete in every sense.


audreygrace412: A magical ride across the world, seeing wondrous sights for someone who has been locked within a palace her whole life? Talk about sweepingly romantic! He gave her what she always wanted, to see the world and then they sat together and talked while watching the fireworks. I think those are absolutely romantic events. The setting is off the charts romantic to me. Gorgeous night sky, somehow still with clouds to touch and fly through; the Moon and stars as the soft lighting; the great human accomplishments and wonders of the Pyramids; what looked to be a lovely temple near the water in Ancient Greece(?) and the colorful fireworks above the Chinese palace made for a most unique, eclectic and exotic romantic setting that is sure to captivate the right atmosphere. (Even the horses running below were a nice setting as well as the sky view of the entire kingdom in the beginning.) Aladdin gave jasmijn a bloem and got her to come out of her shell, exhibiting a happiness that we rarely got to see from jasmijn which makes her romantic emotions even that meer powerful to me. Aladdin was clearly smitten and putting jasmijn first which was an entirely romantic gesture. Although the surrounding circumstance lost points on romanticism for the whole identity-lying thing but that just makes it a 9.5 instead of a 10 to me.

tiffany88: I have to agree with Audreygrace412 ^^ She zei everything. A very intimate and romantic date. Sure Al used another name and a fake title, but jasmijn didn't fall in love with his name of titel but his true personality. (like how she did, when they first met at the market place)

Sparklefairy375: I agree with what the other two said. The magical carpet ride is truly wonderful and romantic! It's unique and different than other dates. Rapunzel's datum is romantic too but Jasmine's datum is meer interesting :3

wavesurf: I like jasmijn and Aladdin's chemistry more. The goofy thing between them is nicely done. If it weren't for Aladdin lying to Jasmine, it would be 10, like Audreygrace said. The magic carpet ride is probably my seconde most romantic datum outing after Ariel and Eric's date, which is a 10 for me.

anukriti2409: I have to change my vote. I;m thoroughly convinced that the lying part would just dull it door a small margin. Otherwise, its the most romantic, most unique datum ever! Plus we are not often completely honest about ourselves in the first datum itself.

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One of the meer exciting enquêtes I've made, I was actually pretty surprised door the outcome in some ways, and totally unsurprised in others.
 The Happiest, Dopiest, Grumpiest, Sneeziest movie of the year.
The Happiest, Dopiest, Grumpiest, Sneeziest movie of the year.

9.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
"Snow White, pursued door a jealous queen, hides with the Dwarfs; the queen feeds her a poison apple, but Prince Charming awakens her with a kiss."

Snow White in last place? Unheard of! As usual, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs makes its usual debut in last place on the countdown. Although a small percentage of the community loves this movie and finds it charming,...
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