My opinions have changed (as they always do), so I decided to do an artikel with descriptions this time because wow this lijst is different from before. Also I'm only going to include official DPs now, so no Moana of Anna and Elsa. So without further introduction my updated Disney Princess list!

11. Ariel

When I was really little I pretty much loved Ariel and her movie, she was a mermaid with an amazing set of pipes and she had cute sidekicks. I really related to Ariel because she was a rebel and was really trying to do her own thing and wasn't going to let anyone tell her what of what not to love. Obviously as I grew up those feelings changed, I still think Ariel has her positive traits, but I think they're outweighed door her negative ones. Ariel is really selfish when it comes to her dreams, she's determined about them, sure, but it clouds her judgement easily and she makes a deal with the devil, knowing full well that Ursula is an evil sea witch. She is even warned door Sebastian before hand, but out of spite, ignores him.
I get Ariel has her reasons for doing what she did (overprotective father, restrictive society, no one understanding her), but that's no excuse for abandoning her family without warning, putting her vrienden in danger, and putting herself in danger. I really just think she should've not been so ungrateful to everyone sacrificing for her. From her father and her vrienden people risk their lives and power to help her and she doesn't thank any of them of apologize. Her only apology is really meer of an excuse "I didn't mean to! I didn't know!" just because u didn't know doesn't mean you're any less guilty, just say sorry and own up to your mistakes (as many other DPs have done).
globaal, algemene Ariel's cute and bubbly, but she's a spoiled brat, just a bit meer concern for others' well-being and not only thinking about herself would've been enough, but she never redeems herself. Ariel's my least favoriete because I dislike her self-centered personality and I think that's fair enough to say after all the trouble she causes.

10. Aurora

She's a real blank slate, she has a little personality here and there, but nothing that really stands out. She's cute, playful, imaginative and dutiful, but that's really all we get to see about her. I like her definitely, just not very much. She might as well be a sidekick to the 3 fairies honestly, it's like me trying to describe Abu's personality of something, he's not the main focus so it's almost dust in the wind to try and analyze him as a character. Same with Aurora, I like her from what I've seen, but what I've seen isn't enough.

9. Cinderella

Cinderella used to be one of my all time favorites, but opinions really do change I guess. I like Cinderella, but there's really nothing to her besides her kindness, courage, and her virtuous endurance. I admire Cinderella for sticking it through, but I just wish she didn't put faith so blindly in her dreams without really doing anything. "No matter how your hart-, hart is grieving, if u keep on believing, the dreams that u wish will come true." So just sit around and believe and it'll all work out? I don't think so Cindy.
I love her optimism, but she's just a bit too content with her oppressive state to me, but it's not like she's a complete push-over either, she sticks up for what she believes in and when she sees an opportunity she goes for it (like when she knows she has the right to go to the ball). I like that she's okay with whatever until it goes too far. She's a hard worker too, and she trusts that if she can make it through she'll end up in a better place. I still like Cinderella because of these amazing traits, just not as much as I used to

8. Snow White

SHE'S JUST SO SWEET, CARING, AND INNOCENT, I CAN'T. Snow White is just a cutie, she's so fragile and is easily frightened, but she still powers through and cheers herself up. With all the bad things around her she still gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and only looks for the good in everyone. She always wants to take care of people (mainly door being a mother hen to the dwarfs). She's brave, kind, but stern when she needs to be and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She's just sugar, spice, and everything nice and who could ask for a meer endearing character? The only reason she's at this placement is because I simply love the others more.

7. Belle

She's basically a feminist icoon and that makes her amazing. My reasons for liking Belle are probably predictable. I love that she reads, that she's smart, and she's basically selfless in every opportunity she gets. The only thing I don't like that she does is go into the West Wing when she was deliberately told not to go in the west wing when she's a prisoner. Besides that rather carelessly dumb action, she does everything I would do (who am I kidding I would totally go in the west wing), but she's a lot of what I'm like little of what I admire too.

6. Tiana

She's a bit of a stick in the mud, sure, but her heart's always in the right place. She's introverted, a hard-worker, and ultimately selfless, she just needs to loosen up a bit. Still, I like that she's not really a socialite (even though I tend to like extroverts), because she tries to be practical with her time and efforts. I also like that even though she's so practical that she spends the whole movie breaking out of that shell and eventually realizes there's meer to life than just working hard to achieve a set goal.
She grows as a person a realizes there's meer to life than getting what she's wanted and whether u work hard of hardly work it doesn't promise u anything. I really like the scene when she stops Naveen from kissing Charlotte, because she realizes that he's the most important to her. Also when she thinks her and Naveen will be frogs forever she decides she doesn't care as long as her and Naveen can be happy together. Even though she changes she still doesn't loose her amazing work ethic and ambition to get what she dreams for no matter what.
I really just love Tiana, she'll never give up when it comes to the people she cares about of what she wants most in life. Tiana is my ultimate role model and is such wife material. Tiana for president!

5. Rapunzel

I like Rapunzel, she has a lot of the traits that I admire. She's artsy, bubbly, and she's pretty smart, but still manages to be innocent with good intentions. Rapunzel is borderline the perfect character for me, but yet I think that's why she's not as high as she could be. She's too perfect, she has all traits I love, and none of the flaws I relate to. I love Rapunzel for all she is, but everything I say about her would be praise with no real descriptions on her flaws of if I relate to them of not. But, yeah, I love Punzie she's smart, adventurous, good-spirited, artistic, and kind, If I could put her higher, I would but my other favorieten are just a bit meer my speed.

4. Jasmine

What can I say? She's sassy, bold, strong, kind and a "fast learner." :3 I really love Jasmine, and I didn't realize it until I rewatched her movie. She's kind of in an Ariel situation where she's stuck in a golden cage, but a cage none-the-less. One thing that separates her from Ariel is that she leaves kindly and not rashly of in spite of anyone. She realizes that maybe she can't handle everything the world has to offer (because let's be real she doesn't even know how money works), so she returns back to her home pagina only hoping that she can be free enough to marry for love.
jasmijn is perhaps a bit ignorant to the outside world, but in her own element she'll stop at nothing to help out who needs it. And she has no limits (she kissed Jafar for Pete's sake), she's the best! She's sassy and cool and takes shit from no one. She's the OG girl power princess and I love her for it.

3. Merida

She learns and grows like we all do at some point (mainly me). Honestly, I don't like any of her traits besides her boldness and her love for archery. I really only love Merida because when I saw her movie I related to it way too much (you know being the classic teen that thinks their parents are majorly unfair). Merida reminds me of myself, her mom's too strict, but she still goes too far without thinking.
Even though she makes these reckless actions she realizes her mistakes and takes value in her mothers' ideals and tries to fix what she has done wrong. Her mother also learns from her too, seeing that it was wrong to make her daughters' life decisions. I like Merida for her virtue and passion and can just see what I need to change about myself in her.

2. Pocahontas

I really love Poca (she is in fact my mocha), I used to have some problems with her mostly do to the historical inaccuracy, but I'm over it now. Pocahontas is brave, free-spirited, smart, and looks for what she thinks is the right thing to do. Pocahontas is majorly indecisive, but it just makes me relate to her more. She does what she believes is best for others, and when she thinks she's wrong she apologizes and listens to those who she deems wiser and that has always looked after here.
I love that Poca is always looking for adventures and answers, but never let's her own ideals get in the way of fighting for what's right and for her people that she cares about most. Yeah, Poca is great, selfless and wise beyond her years.

1. Mulan

Ah, Fa Mulan, the great hero of China! But, yeah Mulan is my favoriete Disney Princess (even if she isn't really a princess). Like all my favorieten she's pretty much a staple of selfless. She puts her family and country before herself, because if she can't be what they want her to be, she can at least be worth their safety and amount up to something honorable in the slightest. She also never gives up when she knows people are depending on her.
Mulan is resourceful, quick-witted, kind, and a little lazy, but I don't mind because I relate so hard. She's my idol and ever since I was little I loved her and wanted to be like her (granted from Mulan 2, but that's besides the point), Mulan is always calm, cool, and collected, and knows when to stand her ground. Mulan is my bae, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Yep, that's my lijst (I know much has changed), it took me such a long time to organize it. But anyway I hope I wasn't vague of anything and thanks for reading!