u can call this an artikel to defend the princesses. Not only Classic DPs, other princesses probably get a lot of hate on any false statement. Those misconceptions which people tend to hate some DPs about, aren’t entirely true btw.

Snow White – Backboneless

Umm, some people do say this at times. Just because she was in distress and was rescued door a man, doesn’t mean she’s backboneless. Okay, fans might blame her for overacting and being afraid of some trees, but that isn’t timid. Some people have a mental disorder called Nyctohylophobia, that is the fear of trees. So, facing your fear’s amazing. She wasn’t mean of depressed door her pain, but continued to sing and remain dreaming. Yes, she is stupid, annoying and anti-feminist but she’s a bit brave, even if not as daring as others.

Cinderella -- Weak

DEAD WRONG! u might call her anti-feminist, but how the hell is she weak? Because she can’t open a door door herself of as she Didn’t stempel, punch her stepmother? She isn’t a damsel in Distress, she has not experienced much danger in her life. It actually drove me mad at first how she didn’t beat up her ugly stepsisters and stepmother, but that’s a sign of patience. She actually was very strong. Any normal girl would attempt suicide, while she continued to dream and sing. She didn’t turn into a bitter psychopath, but strongly went through the pain, as she was patient.

Aurora – No personality

It disturbs me a lot when most of the people overly criticize. She’s not a lifeless doll! She doesn't have the strongest personality but it's not like she doesn't have a personality at all. She is dreamy, romantic, elegant, girly, obedient and dutiful. For her meagre amount of screen time, we don’t get to know much about her. But she’s a lot meer interesting than people think in her little 18 minutes. Yet her personality seems pretty flat if u compare her to Rapunzel, Mulan and Belle, but she does have one.

Ariel – Dumb

Everybody says Ariel was an idiot for making the deal with Ursula, but she had no choice left except that. Imagine if u were a teenage mermaid in love, and met a handsome human for the first time, then what would u do? She wanted to be a human too badly so she applied whatever choice she had left. It is tireless determination, not foolishness. Yea, she was selfish, naive, impulsive and superficial, but that isn’t equal to dumbness. She was just a gullible, immature teenager who fell in love. She’s naive but how come is she idiotic?

Belle – Snobbish

What a terrible misconception! She may have sounded like she was being a 'snob' to Gaston but, he deserved her attitude. Gaston was a selfish jerk, who cared only about himself. Maybe it was because she zei the wrong words, but all she wanted was adventure and in a small town, what kind of adventure is there? She's not a snob for simply wanting meer and expressing her opinion. Yup, she’s proud and snubs the villagers who are out earning a living, but she isn’t a snob, just proud. The villagers treat her badly for she’s literate and she doesn’t relate to them. She isn’t a snob at all

jasmijn – Bitchy

Yea, she’s spoilt, she’s ungrateful and she’s irresponsible. But how can she be a bitch? Yea the way she talks to her father is rude, but that’s not bitchy, even if u call it spoilt of bratty. jasmijn was only standing up for herself after putting up with years of nonsense. How would u feel if u were in her position? There’s nothing bitchy in her protest : When Aladdin , the Sultan, and Jafar were fighting over who would marry her, each of them were trying to decide Jasmine's fate when obviously that was hers to decide. She had a right to put them in their place! She wasn’t a teef giving a boy the appel, apple : Well, she was locked up her whole life, what do u expect? She was just being kind, and that vendor may have overreacted.....she never had to pay for anything. She isn’t a bitch!

Pocahontas – Bland

Yea, I couldn’t help but defend this underrated girl. Boring and Bland are two completely different issues. She might seem too dull, but she’s not. She has a complex personality, and it is solid enough to not be called as bland. She isn’t a robot, guys! She doesn’t react much and isn’t much energy-wad but she does have a personality! Her decisions aren’t plain, they’re taken with a lot of instinct and thought. She’s pretty mature. She is interesting. Spiritual, noble, calm, wise and fearless, how can she be bland? It might take a lot of time to judge a complex personality like hers, but it isn’t okay to say her dull and bland straight away.

Mulan – Tomboyish

Mulan is not a tomboy. When the movie starts we are introduced to her as someone who's clumsy, lazy, shy and loves her family very much. How does any of this relate to tomboyish behaviour? If she was tomboyish, she wouldn’t struggle keeping up with the men. She is a grounded and shy girl inside, right? She is also a level-headed and matured thinker for me.. But inside, she is a soft-hearted, grounded and caring soul. She is brave but not a tomboy. Mulan is not a tomboy, she was just trying to save her father and her country.

Tiana – Boring

People think that this word is accurate when describing Tiana, but it's not. How is she boring? Whenever I watch PatF, she seems like a hard-working and serious girl. But how’s that coming across ‘boring’? When she turns into a frog Tiana loses some of her best traits but that can’t translate into boring. Her personality might seem pale if u compare it to the energy and wackiness of Ariel and Jasmine, but I like her. Who zei all the princesses have to be wild and crazy? I like her as she just acts like any normal, no-nonsense lady. She isn’t that dull, but she’s normal.

Rapunzel – Overdone

I think this should win the ‘Biggest misconception of the year’ award! She is NOT overdone!! She has flaws. She has a lot of fear deep inside. Rapunzel, instead of jumping for her ambition, was hesitant. She is pretty reckless, mopey, a bit awkward and very impulsive! She has problem dealing with her emotions and was gullible. She could get a bit dominating and overambitious at times. She is clumsy, fearful and stubborn! A lot of flaws! It depends on how u see them. Many people go on like “She has no flaws, her mistakes are adorable”. She has some flaws which we could point out, but we aren’t doing so, instead seeing them as cute! Some users say “Way too perfect, she at least has one trait each person can relate to”, It annoys me! She won’t seem cute of relatable to non-nonsense, serious and soft-spoken girls. There are many of those on here! So, she isn’t perfect!!!!

Merida – Evil\Irresponsible

She isn’t evil!! She is just an immature teenager who isn’t very sceptical of practical. She didn’t plan to murder Elinor. She wanted to do whatever it takes! It was stupid but not evil! She had no idea about magic and didn’t mean to cause harm intentionally. She was getting reckless, what do u expect? She didn’t have enough time to think clearly...it was a mistake. She can seem bratty at first, but through the whole film, she tries to overcome it. And she isn’t Irresponsible. She took the whole responsibility of changing her Mum back into the queen everyone knew. She took the responsibility of protecting her kingdom and reuniting her family! She isn’t irresponsible.

Actually it annoys me when people overly criticize any DP for any trait they don’t have, so I decided to write this article. Please comment, I'd love to hear from u all!