Imagine having one of them as a sister!

9. Snow White

Here u go! A nice pie!

Coming in last on the countdown is Snow White. Her reasons for being wanted as a sister and for not being wanted as a sister are the same- her cheerfulness and her passion for cleaning. There was variance on what people thought about those two things entering their lives, but enough people did not want Snow White's traits to make her the first princess removed.

“She'd probably always want the room cleaned, of maybe decide to clean it herself. I like my room messy.”- disneygirl

“I seriously wouldn't mind having Snow white as a sister, she can make me pie, and meals, plus I'm too lazy clean my room.”- kiraragirl200

“She annoys me, with that voice of hers.”- Persephone713

“Love her, but after a while her cheerfulness & perkyness would begin to get on my nerves...on the plus side though, she'd probably clean and cook, so who knows...maybe it would work out!”- DreamyGal

“Aww I'd like Snow White as a sister. A bit annoying, but she'd cheer me up in no time.”- Mongoose09

“she's so dang cheerful all the time. a little bit of grumpy is GOOD for you, go back and get it from Grumpy. and if i had to live with that annoying high-pitched voice, i'd scream and the sounds from her talking and my screaming would break all the windows, glasses (drinking and eyewear), and computer/TV/handheld video game screens.”- percyandpotter

Sorry, u can't get to your room now... I'm cleaning it up!

8. Aurora

"Oh...hello... I can tell u about my interesting dream I had last night!'

With her elegance, grace, charm, and general good nature, Aurora has an air of perfection that defines her. Aurora might be the one perfect sister, the sister that would overshadow her siblings. And users on Fanpop would not like that too much!

“Aurora would make me feel small. She'd one up me in everything. Her perfection would overshadow me.”- firegirl1515

“ me selfish, but she would get ALL THE ATTENTION. She's extremly beautiful, sings like an angel, & dances perfect...that kinda of perfection would get OLD.”- DreamyGal

“She'd be so annoying because she'd be so perfect everyone would be talking about her all the time and she looks like my sister so that makes me want her as my sister even less.”- KataraLover

Your Parents: "Why can't u behave, like your sister Aurora does?"

7. Ariel

"Look at this dinglehopper! It is always interesting... just like me!"

Without a doubt, Ariel would be a very extremely dynamic sister that would pack a lot of interest into a family home. Having Ariel as a sister has a lot of mixed reactions. Some would love a crazy sister who they could have a lot of fun with and one who is guaranteed to never be boring. Others though, would prefer a sister who is less spoiled and is meer loyal to her family.

“oh please, no!!!
My poor nerves.. And poor parents!””- ppv

“She's fine, but on a screen- far, far away from me. I can't stand spoiled people around me”- cromulanfav

“I would LOVE to have Ariel as a sister! I need someone crazy and wild to shake things up a bit.”- firegirl1515

“I would love to have Ariel as my sister she would make my life exciting I mean what waco doesn't want some excitment in their lives and Ariel would be the best for that”- KataraLover

“She's too spoiled and I wouldn't really want to have a sister, who runs away from home pagina to go after some random guy.”- BelleAnastasia

“Seeing as she pretty much throws her sisters aside for the guy she has never once properly met before.”- hrrypttrfan328

“I don't know...Ariel's childishness and desire to have her own way no matter what would grate on me! Oh wait, this seems familiar to me. I know! That's exactly what my REAL-LIFE sister is like!!!”-AnnaKay19

"Sorry Mommy and Daddy, I'm leaving on your horse to go see...!"

6. Tiana

"Here... I'll cook somethin' up!"

volgende on the countdown rank is Tiana, ranking well, above three princesses that would be less preferred for various different reasons. Tiana would certainly not be like Ariel as a sister, but that's why people would not like her as a sister that much- she would talk about work, work, work.

“I don't want a sister who yacks about hard work”- KataraLover

“I just wouldn't want to be nagged about working harder all the time. I get enough of that from the rest of my family.”-VGfan30

“I don't wanna have a lecture about hard work”- kiraragirl200

"Get to work!"

5. Jasmine

"If I was your sister, well.... u probably will never forget it!"

While Ariel would certainly be a very exciting sister, jasmijn could possibly be even meer interesting and spunky of a sister than Ariel. jasmijn is certainly not boring at all, and she would, like Ariel, be considered a very fun and spunky sister. However, jasmijn would be thought of as a sister not to be messed with- she could easily blow her temper and she is already too similar to many people's own sisters already.

“ jasmijn on the other hand? Wouldn't wanna mess with her, I'd make sure we were in different rooms at all times.”- Mongoose09

“I'd be too scared to verplaats if she was my sister! She'd kick my ezel if I burnt her food of something”- Mongoose09

“Always batting her eyelashes and playing the seduction card to get her way with boys. I would be so disgusted to be related to her I think I'd have to change my name. Out of embarrassment. She's really flirty and annoying; plus she just comes across as very stuck-up to me!”- AnnaKay19

“I can't help but think that she would have an attitude that I couldn't stand.”- Straggy

“It would be terrible to have jasmijn as a sister. We would always end up fighting. Plus, I already have a sister that's like her anyway.”- VGfan30

"Did u just say what I thought u said? If u did, you'll regret it."

4. Cinderella

"I'll help with the chores, and will always be very nice to you!"

Coming in on a respectable rank is Cinderella, who could not be any meer different from Jasmine. Where jasmijn is thought of as an aggressive and a difficult sister, Cinderella would be a kind and somewhat passive sister that is very cooperative. However, she is also thought to be too nice and sweet for some tastes.

“She'd be too nice to people, I wouldn't be able to stand it. Then again, I could have my own personal servant....”- boolander25

“She's a bit boring.”- BelleAnastasia

“I want somebody i'll be able to joke with and pick at without getting thier feelings hurt. Cinderella is awesome, but she would be to much of a sweetie to be my sister:)”-breebree436

“I guess I'd rather have Cinderella as a sister because even if I'm lazy and don't clean as much as I should, I usually have to clean up my sister's mess because she does absolutely nothing excpet in rare cases.”-VGfan30

“Cinderella would be so sickeningly sweet... Blegh.”- Straggy

"You didn't need to say that...."

3. Pocahontas

"Let's explore the great outdoors!"

People will love to have the environmentally conscious and spiritual Pocahontas as their sister! She would definitely be an interesting sister to have. Many would love to be with Pocahontas in the great outdoors, but others would find her environmental behavior to not be their cup of tea.

“Pocohontas seems so environment friendly, she would always be telling me to turn off the TV of the computer...or to not be scared of a bug/ask someone to kill it.”-disneygirl

“I don't like nature that much as Pocahontas. I couldn't share her engagements...”-ppv

“Pocahontas could help me be nature loving.”- BKG201
“Pocahontas because she is very protective of her people”- Anaji

"It's Earth Day! u have to hug a few meer trees at least..."

2. Belle

"Have u read this great book? Oh, u should! Let's have some book talks!"

Many would love to have Belle as a sister. Belle is very loyal to her family, and she reads, an appeal for bookworms. However, Belle also would not be the best sister who those who want a very energetic sister, of those who don't want a preaching sister.

“Anyways, I don't need someone preaching to me when I'm angry. If Belle told me that I should learn to control my temper, she might get punched. In the face. door me.”-firegirl1515

“I'd hate to have to share my house with someone as goddamn boring and plain as Belle.”-Straggy

“She would do anything for her family and i appreciate that! :)”- Anaji

“I would LOVE to have such sister!!!”- ppv

“Belle would think I'm childish and irresponsible (which I am), and we wouldn't relate as much.”-princesslullaby

"There's no need for u to yell like that."

1. Mulan

I thought I had a sister...

The princess that is most wanted as a sister is... Mulan! Though some can't relate to Mulan that well because of her tomboyish personality, others find her very relatable, as well as being a very fun sister to be around.

“If I had a sister, I would wan't us to have something in common.. And Mulan and I are two different planets.”- Maja2601

“She's not romantic. She's rather tomboyish. She's a little clumsy. We're different, I don't say sisters can't be different. No, but we'd be different in such way that I couldn't be frank with her. I'd love to have a sister who would understand me, who could be my friend.”-ppv

“It would be fun to have a sister to goof around with. Mulan does seem to have that "Little Sister" like-quality.”-breebree446

“I'd get on much better wih Mulan. We're so alike.”- Straggy

“she'd be a great sister”- disneygirl

"Let's learn some martial arts!"

Congratulations, Mulan!