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3. If I Never Knew You (Pocahontas) door the Cheetah Girls
Although this song was cut from the original release of Pocahontas, in the special edition version, Disney decided to put this song back in. It was zei that this song did not make it in the film because during a special screening, children found it boring. I completely disagree. I think it's one of the most beautiful songs ever. Unfortunately, the Cheetah Girls ruined the song. Not to say that they're bad singers because they can sing, just not this song. They took away from the original magic. It's a song of such love and passion and I just feel like they didn't convey either of those.

2. Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) door Vanessa Hudgens
I honestly could not choose which was worse, this of the number one choice so please know that they are equally as bad. Vanessa Hudgens took another one of Disney's most beautiful songs ever and detroyed it. How somebody could have let this happen I don't know. Her voice was just so whiny and unappealing compared to the magestic one of Judy Kuhn's. I just don't understand how someone could even compare this version to the original.

1. Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) door Miley Cyrus
Ackkk. I think anyone who has listened to this version can agree that it just hurt your ears. It just seems impossible to think that they would even let this be released. Such a classic like Part of Your World should not be messed with, especially door Miley Cyrus. What has the world come to... she made this original masterpiece into some cheesy fast-paced pop garbage.


3. When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2) door Jordan Pruitt
I was actually very impressed with this remake. Jordan Pruitt's voice actually properly carried out all the notes and I still felt the pain of Jesse's story when I heard this. It is still in no way better than the original door Sarah McLachlan, but it's not the worst either.

2. The seconde ster to the Right (Peter Pan/Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland) door Jonatha Brooke
This is one of the few Disney remakes that isn't on one of the Disney Mania CDs. This song is actually in the Peter Pan sequel Return to Neverland. Although The seconde ster to the Right originally came from the first Peter Pan, I really liked this version. Jonatha Brooke has a very beautiful, haunting voice. For those of u who haven't heard this version yet, I recommend u check it out.

1. Reflection (Mulan) door Christina Aguilera
An amazing song sang door an amazing artist. I think Christina Aguilera has the most if not one of the most powerful voices today. She really sang this song with emotion and strength. I think everything she put into this song was well received.

Once again I would like to state that none of these remakes are in no way better than the originals. I have yet to see one that is better. Originals can never be replaced. I would also like to say I am not trying to offend anyone who is a fan of any of these artists. My opinion is based meer on the song than the actual person singing it.
And please feel free to commentaar on any meer best of worst Disney song remakes. I know I didn't put that many, so I would love to hear your guy's opinions. (:
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Mulan: "Hero" Mariah Carey
 Lyrics speak for themself
Lyrics speak for themself

"Then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
And u cast your fears aside
Because u know u can survive
So when u feel like hope is gone,
Look inside u and be strong
Then u finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you"

Ariel: "A Place in this World" Taylor Swift
 I chose this song for Ariel because how she feels how of place, and nobody is backing her up on it
I chose this song for Ariel because how she feels how of place, and nobody is backing her up on it

"I'm alone, on my own
And that's all I know
I'll be strong, I'll be wrong
Hey, but life goes on
Oh, I'm just a girl
trying to find a place in this world"

Snow White: "Perfect...
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posted by cromulanfav
So yeah, this could have been over week ago, but I was lazy. I did this because no one else seemed interested in doing this countdown. 30 scenes were included in this countdown. I gave my best and I hope u like it.


10.Mulan saves Shang
At this point people most people considered top, boven 10 scenes great, and this one just turned out be less good than the others for them.

"Wow, I don't even know anymore, they're all so frickin' awesome." percyandpotter

"I like all!Hard choice!For me all are great and I...
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posted by TheCrystalRing
So…some of y’all might remember that when I first kom bij Fanpop, I did a Best DP Mother countdown. And now I have finally got around to making the article. Enjoy…

Poor Mulan…I totally disagree on her placement in this countdown, but this is all of the DP Club’s opinion. I thought that Mulan would be a great mom, as the kids in the seconde movie adored her, but other fans bring up a good point. Since Mulan is a solider, she would be away from home pagina a lot. And since Shang’s in the army too, there wouldn’t be anyone to be with the kids. Mulan’s also pretty dedicated to the...
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Since the current theme in the 11 in 1 Princess icoon Contest is In your favoriete outfit of theirs I decided to write an artikel about my favorites, I'm also including Anna and Elsa in the article

Snow White: Princess Dress With Cape

My favoriete DP Outfit, I love everything about this dress and with the cape the dress looks even prettier, but I do love the dress without the cape, it's just that without the cape the dress looks a little meer plain than with the cape. Anyway as I zei before I love everything about the dress, the colors, the length, the accessories, everything really

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