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 Did u miss me?!
Did you miss me?!
hallo guys, u may of may not remember me (people who don’t maybe new people of people who never noticed me in the first place). But it’s me, princecatcher93. I am so sorry that I left fanpop, I left for many different reasons, one being my family changed internet plans so I have 4G a maand all to myself (may sound like a lot but when u use other things it can go door quickly), seconde of all my health really went down, which lead to many different things. I discovered I had desperation early last jaar and I used fanpop as my support group to get out my feels, I loved running a lot of things...
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posted by dimitri_
This was inspired door Princesslullaby's List(s) that everyone wants to read, it's probably the artikel I've read the most often. Though I'm not going to talk about score of animatie because I feel those subjects need to be analysed a different way. This was a challenge for me, I found it impossible to do. And I know, my lijst changed once again. It's like it automatically shifts on its own every 5 months. But this time, I tried to be meer objective and fair, I don't know if it's the right thing to do because I think with my hart-, hart sometimes. But I'm pretty confident so here goes nothing!

13. Merida...
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posted by dimitri_
I got inspired door Shiki_Otherside's artikel ''Why The Other Princesses Would Hate Anna'' :) Just a fun and quick article!

For a long time we've been
marching off to battle
In our thundering herd
We feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat
Our aching feet aren't
easy to ignore
Hey, think of instead
A Princess worth fighting for
That's what I said
A Princess worth fighting for

 I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars
I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars

My Princess will marvel at
my strength, adore my
battle scars
 I couldn't care less what she'll wear of what she looks like
I couldn't care less what she'll wear of what she looks like

 It all depends on what she cooks like
It all depends on what she...
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I meant to do this artikel is quite a long time but I just couldn't agree with myself. Some parts of this lijst are probably going to change after a time. I tried not to be influenced door what the voice actresses did outside of those DP films but I couldn't really do that, still here is my list.

11.Snow White - Adriana Caselotti
I feel guilty for putting poor sweet Snow in the end of my lijst but... We all know that they choose Adriana Caselotti to voice Snow White because of her sweet, innocent and childish voice. Disney also didn't want Adriana to be in any other movie because her voice was...
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When I commentaar on one pick and other fans wonder why I say so, it inspires me to make an artikel to explain meer in the best way. I find a lot similarities of Elsa with Periwinkle (Secret of the Wings), Ralph and Vanellope (Wreck-it Ralph), Zarina (The Pirate Fairy), and Maleficent (Maleficent).

 John Lasseter's Blue and Spikey "White" Hair
John Lasseter's Blue and Spikey "White" Hair

Similarities between Periwinkle & Elsa:
- Both have ice power
- Both ice are spreading quickly like brand (okay, not definitely Periwinkle's ice but ice from Periwinkle's place)
- Both have white hairs, of whatever platinum blonde which looks...
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Now we come to the top, boven 20 and globaal, algemene people either find these girls really pretty of beautiful, some even gorgeous, with a few exceptions from some fanpopers. Just like with the other artikels I will state fanpop's opinion along with my opinion. Please commentaar but keep in mind this isn't my opinion, this is fanpop's opinion. Enjoy!


One of the newest Disney heroines and apparently she did pretty good for herself door getting into the top, boven 20. First of all a few people complained that she was the only Disney Fairy besides Tinkerbell that made it into the countdown but they don't realize...
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Hola! It's little ole me again. Ok, so I recently finished rewatching all of the DP films and many of my opinions have changed so I thought, why not make an updated list? When I first joined I just really wanted to make an artikel so I made my favoriete DP movie lijst but I hadn't seen most of the films in a long time so I was going completely door memory and now that I look back I'm like, hmm these opinions have changed quite a bit now that I've seen them all again. volgende to the film name u will see a number in parentheses and that signifies the movement of that movie on my list. Now let me tell...
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I got the idea from KataraLover's artikel with a similar name. I actually made a enquête about this, but since Frozen was added I decided I may as well do it again, but I decided to write an artikel instead.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
 I'm Wishing/One Song
I'm Wishing/One Song

I just really like the animatie in this scene and how Snow and the Prince meet is really cute! The voice of Snow White is kind of annoying to me, but in this song I like it. The Prince actually has a great voice. I really like this one French version of Snow White cause her voice is just beautiful in this song. Here's the link: link...
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Bonjour! In my last artikel I defended both Cinderella and Snow White. Now I'm going to defend Aurora and Ariel.

Aurora -

Most people either have a love of hate relationship with Aurora. I love her, but she's not my favourite. Everyone complains that she has an underdeveloped personality and she does nothing, but most of all, people are frustrated about the fact that her eyes change colour.
In contrast, I don't believe she has an underdeveloped personality at all. Out of all the Disney Princesses, she has the least screen-time, (I think it was eighteen minuten of something) and I think Disney...
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Alright, I skipped my trips to the gym for this article, I'm such a slacker! Anyway, at least it is geplaatst now. A total of 21 users toegevoegd their favoriete DP films lists and I averaged out the rankings. WARNING this lijst is very typical and expect 2 ties!

12. Brave

I'm going to be honest, the main reason why it's last on my lijst is probably because it's Pixar. I don't get that feeling of magic watching Pixar films that I get when I watch Disney movies. I only love a few of Pixar films and Brave is not one of them unfortunately. People have called it unoriginal and I can't say I disagree,...
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posted by ApplesauceDoctr
 The Original Eight Princesses
The Original Eight Princesses
Anyone growing up in the 2000's (such as myself) who was a big fan of Disney Princess has probably heard the song "If u Can Dream". I like to refer to it as the Disney Princess' theme song (at least, I used to, but we'll get to that later); it was a song that basically emphasized the idea that if u wish upon a star, anything your hart-, hart desires will come to you. Not only did it refer to Disney's biggest trademark song in Pinocchio, but it summed up some of the great things the Disney Princesses at that time wanted: love and adventure. When I say "at that time," I'm referring to when there...
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I've made an artikel about my favoriete outfit of each princess and my favoriete wardrobes, but I haven't made a top, boven lijst of my favoriete DP Outfits yet so I decided to do one, hope you'll like this artikel :)

10. Merida's Dark Green Dress

I thought this dress was dark blue until I realised that in daylight this dress is actually dark green, but anyway this dress is gorgeous, the color is lovely and the dress is simple yet stunning, but it's not any higher because while I love the color the color is too dark for my taste

9. Rapunzel's Purple Dress

I love all of Rapunzel's outfits, but...
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posted by Diazdiaz95
 The artikel seemed too plain looking so I thought I'd add this nice picture of my favoriete princess, Mulan
The article seemed too plain looking so I thought I'd add this nice picture of my favorite princess, Mulan
Hello everyone, I've been on Fanpop for a little while now,I've written a few articles, made polls, commentaar gegeven everywhere, and basically just have pretty much been a Fanpop addict but nobody knows who I really am. I haven't really introduced myself to my fellow fanpoppers so here it goes....

My birthday is January 3. I love my birthday because it's like a week after Christmas and so early in the year. I also love winter so it's perfect for me. The fact that the cold has never bothered me might be one of the reasons I like Frozen, get it, because in Let it go ok whatever, sorry, that was a nerdy...
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this is an artikel to toon which disney princess represents each Olympic values such as
Rapunzel is a great example for determination
sadly theres only 7 values so only 7 Disney princesses will be chosen
BTW this is my opinion
I hope u enjoy reading this article

first up    

Being Courageous is standing up for u believe in and being brave at difficult times and in my opinion princess jasmijn is a perfect example for courage as she stands up for herself and what she believes in. jasmijn try’s her best to remain calm and brave when her father objects to what she says...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR

This is just going to be a breakdown of Hans' character, reasons why I love him, and reasons to believe he liked Anna. Part 1 is going to be the reasons Hans actually liked Anna!

In the Beginning *suspenseful music*
I don't think Hans is that bad of a guy.

From the start, Hans is the polite prince we expect.

Before Anna announces she is princess of Arendelle, he gives her a look. A look that every girl wants to receive from a guy (well, for the most part)

Then, Anna is been the quirky, cutesy self she is after she tells him she is princess....
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posted by dclairmont
 icoon door BraBrief
Icon by BraBrief
Team Aurora may have had a late start, not even having enough members to originally create a team, but we've risen from the ashes, and are now here to take over the world (mwahahhahah) Well, I hope u enjoy reading this :D

Leader of Team Aurora: me (dclairmont)
Other Members:


Aurora fascinates me as a character, because while we see a lot of her personality, a lot is open to interpretation. She's pretty much everything I love in a female character: responsible, feminine, imaginative, a bit sassy, perceptive, not rebellious, proper but a bit free-spirited...
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 Best Hair All Around.
Best Hair All Around.
This is part one of my most beautiful princess articles. I will be judging the princesses by: Hair, Waist, Face, Legs, Eyes, Smile, Knees, Arms, Hands and Shoulders of in other words the things that I find attractive in girls. Then I will have an all around artikel where I rank them all with the points. So this is article, I love hair, all of the princesses have hair on their heads, so that's an important thing to know and talk about. Also I will be bring how the hair's personalty, because hair does have that. Now time for my ranking.

13: Aurora
 Okay hair
Okay hair

I'm so sorry Aurora, your very beautiful...
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 Ariel earned best picture door stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
Ariel earned best picture by stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
vorige artikel links:
Week 1:link
Week 2:link
Week 3:link
Week 4:link

Previously on DNTM: jasmijn and Ariel become good vrienden and the majority of the models struggle at a steam punk themed foto shoot. Anna was deemed the one who struggled the most and she was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Elsa: I am really sad because Anna went home. She is my sister and I wanted to experience this with her all they way to the final two. I just have to worry about my performance in the competition and forget that Anna is no longer here.
 Elsa is sad about Anna leaving
Elsa is sad about...
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1 - Survivor of Abuse
2 - Fights for her Right
3 - Work Responsibly
4 - Denies their Satisfaction
5 - Still attempts to Go
6 - Maintains some Belief and Faith
7 - Going to the Ball



Firstly, for perspective, a summary of what has happened to Cinderella up to that point (most points are adaptations of direct quotes):
--Mother dies (=her father was “a widowed gentleman”)
--Father dies. He was a kind and devoted father who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort
--Her stepmother was cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of her charm...
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It looks like everybody has done a lijst with the favourites scenes so I decided to make one too. I haven't included Frozen because there are still many people that haven't seen it. Anyway, enjoy!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ending Scene

I'm not sure about my choice because the last time I saw the movie I was 6 years old, so... Anyway, the animatie is stunning when they walk away and u see the castle. I find that scene very romantic and sweet and I believe that Snow White totally deserves her happy ending.

So this is love

Soo romantic! I love the animatie and the atmosphere...
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