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A common complaint against Ariel is how she changes herself of gives up her fins, family and world for a guy. This doesn't bother me too much since the film establishes that she desperately wanted legs and life on land even before she saw Eric. Just listen to "Part of That World."

That's not the focus of this artikel though. Another common criticism is how losing her voice and trying to woo Eric anyway sends a message to young girls that u don't need to have opinions of a personality to get a man. That all u need is a pretty face.

I have two rebuttals for this argument.

First, one does not...
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 Spent a little too much time asleep...
Spent a little too much time asleep...
After the prettiest princess enquête was such as success, I decided to do a ‘Bravest Disney Princess’ poll. I was a lot happier with the results this time around (although naturally I still disagree with some). Here is the public’s verdict on the Bravest Disney Princess.

11. Aurora
Around 50 people voted in this enquête and nobody chose Aurora. She was also ranked last on commentaar gegeven lists. Is this justified? Well, maybe. Despite being in movie full of evil witches and dragons, Aurora never has a chance to demonstrate bravery. She is asleep for a good part of the action which means she takes...
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I went ahead and watched the Little Mermaid for a probably another million times today, no, not for the sake of throwing myself into whirlpool of Ariel/Eric related feelings of fangirling over Ariel’s omg so awesome mermaid species and not even in order to procreate another lengthy and insightful analysis from the perspective of social critique and how patriarchy and condemnation of natural curiosity affects women but on behalf of documenting - in the most objective manner possible and without examining the thorough underlying subtext - actual plot points such as:

A) during the Grotto sequence...
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Alright, it’s getting toward the end of summer, and before it’s over I thought I’d do something entirely superficial. The placements are based purely on looks alone, I’m just going to be entirely shallow. These are just my opinions, they’re weird, I know. This is going to get very long. The pictures are their prettiest shots in my opinion.

11. Merida
*Blows out a deep breath* Merida. (Read in same intonation as Nostalgia Chick uses when she says “Anime” in her top, boven ten hottest animated guys countdown- watch it, it’s hilarious.) I want to like the way Merida looks, I really do....
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 try to be pretty
try to be pretty
So I had boring time in my hands and it turns out as making finally my prettiest DP list. I think all DPs are pretty and so my lijst has always been just big mess and I have never really made clear lijst before. I'm not brilliant beauty reviewer and it's often hard to explain why someone is prettier than other. DPs case drawing also influenced my choices, I think it was quite good measure when I wasn't sure about order. When I draw it's easier to compare different features and normally it's also meer fun to draw beautiful characters.
I also have one request, I'll soon write english in high school...
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...If not for that cricket. Most of these we'd all agree are not necessary to be a good bride, daughter, friend, wife, of sister, but for kicks, since we never got to find out if she passed, let's see how she would have scored:

Good fortune: Well, I don't believe in luck, but she sure had a lot of it in the movie. Her plans were all crazy-sounding yet they all miraculously worked! Check.

A great hairdo: I know not everyone cares for Mulan's hair but I love her matchmaker hair. Pretty and elegant but in a rather casual way, so it suits her. Check.

Striking a good match: Well, obviously, she can't...
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 hips are way to hipster, so is a good personality, songs, a man.....
hips are way to hipster, so is a good personality, songs, a man.....
I think we all know that hips don't lie. They clearly will toon u a good princess from a bad one. I for one, really think hips deserve meer recognition because they make of break a princess. So yeah, let's start with the hip mania. *I'd leave now, this artikels gonna be pretty intense*

10. Ariel

Ariel's hips are the biggest liars I've ever met! They walk in like, whaddup I got some big scales, and walks out with human hips. (Did u see that pop culture reference, I'm like the movie Hercules) It's like, whoa. What. Just. Happened. I'm just gonna stop right here because Ariel's hips are almost...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
Another super short article, sorry if u find it uninteresting lol.

Best Disney Prince Hair
1. Flynn
2. Phillip
3. Naveen
4. John Smith
5. Aladdin
6. Prince
7. Eric
8. Adam
9. Shang
10. Charming

10. jasmijn - high ponytail
It might be a little too much but I still love it.

9. Snow White - with red bow
It looks adorable and it matches with her red lips

8. Tiana - bun with white veil and tiara
It looks beautiful and it's unique!

7. Ariel - loose
I love her hair underwater, it looks amazing.

6. Belle - half updo
It's really elegant and unique, I love it!

5. jasmijn - loose
I wish I had...
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 Disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Hey Fanpop fans!
Here is last part of my first fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards”. I know that it is been long since the last part! I tried to do it meer interesting and enjoyable! I want to tell u that this part is a little long, dramatic, interesting and meer romantic. I love Mickey and Minnie that I really want them to get really involved in the story and make recognition of their relationship. All these characters are own door the Walt Disney Company. The names in the parenthesis are the titles of the cartoons were the situation happens. I hope that u like this...
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I’m new to Fanopo, and I thought, What better first artikel than my favoriete Princess countdown? Please commentaar and give your opinion. Please, no swearing of rude comments, but constructive criticism is welcomed. So, without further ado, here is my favoriete Princess countdown!

10. Jasmine
Now, there is no denying jasmijn is awesome. She is tired of her pampered life, where every decision is made for her and she has no freedom, and so she takes charge of her own life and dresses up as a peasant in order to live a life of freedom where she makes her own choices. She makes her way through the...
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 Disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: hallo Fanpop fans!
How great to come back with another part of my first fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards” I am so sorry for the delay to update the story. Almost three months! I was really busy; last jaar in high school and college applications made impossible to do it before. I hope that u enjoy this part. Because there was a great delay, I really did this part so long! This focus meer in awards about songs! I made funny and interesting! Please comment! I want to know what u think of this. Have suggestions? Please add your ideas in the comments. Thank u and enjoy...
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Favorite/Ranking/What I think... about the Disney Princesses
    This is my first article. Something u should know is when it comes to Disney and non-Disney movies, characters, ect. I am very optimistic, very rarely critical to find fault, and take into account all films (sequels, tv shows, clips, ect.) and books. I think it adds to form a meer well rounded idea of the characters.
    My beschrijving of each princesses placement is my view on them and why I like them. Seeing as I don't dislike any of them there isn't any negative reason why they are in...
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posted by sweetie-94
Okay, u probably already know my answers, but I'm still going to do this, hope you'll like it :)

Day 1 - favoriete movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 I've been watching this movie a lot of times, it's also my favoriete movie of all-time
I've been watching this movie a lot of times, it's also my favoriete movie of all-time

Day 2 - favoriete princess: Snow White
 I could talk for hours how much I love her, she's my favoriete fictional character too
I could talk for hours how much I love her, she's my favoriete fictional character too

Day 3 - favoriete prince: Phillip
 I love him because he's very heroic and has a bit of humour which for me is an important trait in a good person
I love him because he's very heroic and has a bit of humour which for me is an important trait in a good person

Day 4 - favoriete song: Someday My Prince Will Come
 This is such a sweet song even though it's short
This is such a sweet...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The Girly Girl
The Girly Girl
Now it's time for the hardest and easiest princess to rant about, Aurora.

Firstly, I must say that Aurora is an extremely beautiful girl. Her hair, her eyes, her lips, her body, her name, her voice. Everything about her is just gorgeous. No wonder considering the first blessing bestowed upon her was the gift of beauty. Her features are very unique and rare, she's like a supermodel who happens to be royalty. With violet eyes, golden hair and the tallest of all the princesses, Aurora is truly a wonderful sight to see.

Sadly there isn't much to say about Aurora. The most common complaints...
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 So excited to see it this Friday. :D
So excited to see it this Friday. :D
I'm doing this artikel in honour of the fact that Brave just came out, and I can't wait to see it. It's definitely not the typical princess movie. Before we begin, I want to say that I hope hope hope HOPE that Merida will be added to the line-up, because I think she'll add some valuable traits to the line-up, and I think Punz needs another computer animated character in the line-up so she wont look as harsh against the 2D animated princesses. So here goes, my favourite Disney Princess movie line-up! :D

10. Beauty and the Beast

No surprise here. If you've read any of my other articles, you'll...
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Well as u can tell door the titel these are my favoriete scenes from every movie. Some of these were really hard since I love a lot of these films a lot. I'm not sure about u guys but for me it's hard to read other people's because I go "No this scene is better" of "Why that scene?". Some films it's just to hard because they're all great. I have a variety of different favoriete scenes. Some of them were funny while others are battles between the heroes and the villains of romantic moments. Others I just have little memories of watching the scene and well it just makes me happy to watch it...
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posted by Horsegirl202
Okay I wrote one last time now my top, boven 3!

1. Mulan
As u might know I'm a little obsessed with her right now. She's smart and clever and not really wanting to be a perfect daughter. Mulan is strong and brave. My favoriete DP at the moment.

2. Tiana
I love her! Tania is funky, hard-working and funny. I wish I could sing like her, her voice is amazing. I love how tiana is smart and never gives up.

Belle is one beauty that I really love. She also has a amazing singing voice. She accepts to love the beast (Some told me I look like Belle because of our hair color, even my RL (real life)friends agree to that. She is one of my 3rd DPs.

Hope u enjoyed and keep watch for my fan-fiction story, Ching Lan: the daughter of Mulan and Shang part 4.
N/A: I was also inspired door DreamyGal's and hisblueeyes' article. And sorry that this is so long :)
My sister accused me of not loving the Disney Princesses. She got mad as hell when I told her that I don't like Snow White as much- she threw a FIT. I tried to reassure her saying that I don't hate her, I just like the other princesses meer than her. My sister says she's a bigger Disney fan but she's not on Fanpop and she gets annoyed when I play Disney films in the living room. So I gave her a lijst of things I like about the DPs so she would shut the hell up:

Snow White:

At some point in...
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"Would u like to stay for dinner?" Mulan asked Shang.
Then grandma Fa shouted from the other side, "Would d'ya like to stay forever?"
"Dinner would be great." Shang zei with a smile that made Mulan's hart-, hart flutter. Shang thought to himself "Forever(with Mulan) doesn't sound to bad either!"
"Is Little Brother here papa?" Mulan asked.
Fa Zhou answered "He should be here, call for him."
Shang thought to himself again "Crap. Crap. Crap. Another family member!".
"Little Brother! Little Brother!" Mulan called loudly. Shang was relieved to find that this "Little Brother" was just a dog.
"Come here," Mulan...
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It was a regular dag under the sea in Atlantica, the sister's were practicing the songs they were going to sing at their father's (King Triton) Silver Jubilee. In their bedroom, Arista was sitting door the window Ariel used to look out of and think all the time.
"What do u think Ariel's up to?" She asked.
"Probably gushing over dinglehoppers and whatchemacallems!" Andrina said.
"Why d'ya ask Arista?" Attina asked.
"Nothing, I just really miss her," Arista cried
"Even though we got into trouble, it was still fun to have her around." The other sisters came and hugged their sister.
"Me too!" All the...
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