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I've been interested in Foreign Dubbings for a long time and after seeing disneygirl7's artikel I decided to make one too with my favoriete foreign dub for each Disney Princess excluding French cause otherwise this artikel would contain mostly French dubs, I wanted to have meer variation so anyway here we go

10. link
No one is as good as Anika Noni Rose, but this one comes as a close seconde for me. Her voice suits Tiana, has a jazzy feeling and she has a special way of singing that I love. This voice has made me starting to love Danish much more, but I just prefer the 9 above meer and like I said...
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So, I held a countdown of which couple was the most lustful, and here are the results. They are not really surprising, but they are interesting nonetheless. The countdowns on the enquêtes were to vote off the most lustful each round. The final couples would be featured first on the article, as they are the least lustful.

10. Mulan and Shang

According to Fanpoppers, this couple is the least lustful. People zei that they got to know one another, and because of the fact that their relationship did not start until the end of the film, it works to their advantage. But others zei that Mulan...
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Villains, we love to hate them, and Disney has many of the best villains known to man. Since we are only focusing on the Disney Princess Villains, the countdown will obviously not include the others. For the past 10 days, I've held a countdown for the Best Disney Princess Villain, and here are the results.

10. Governor Ratcliffe
This round was no contest at all. From the very beginning, the villain from Pocahontas had the majority of the votes, and all of the other villains got one of two stemmen each. People zei that he is pathetic, lazy, and there was no purpose for him to be in the story....
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The official blurb released door Disney describes the film as follows:

“In Frozen, a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, so Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, on the grandest of journeys to find the Snow Queen (voice of Idina Menzel) and put an end to the icy spell. Encountering Everest-like extremes, mystical creatures and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.”

The Comic Book industry site Bleeding Cool got their hands on an extended synopsis:

“When Anna is cursed door her...
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Lottie's favoriete Princesses!! ( Not including Pochantas and Mulan)
Edit: ok I realize that people have been complaining about this and how people should be up higher. And I realize that not all of Cindie's info is incorrect. Sorry but hope u enjoyed : D

#7 jasmijn
She wouldnt love jasmijn because she wants to leave the palace life. jasmijn also could have any Prince she wanted, but instead chooses an thief, who lives on the streets. Lottie would do anything to be princess, so she wouldnt, get why jasmijn would throw it away.

#6 Belle
Personally I love Belle, but I don't think charlotte would....
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Here is my fifth article! I decided to write two lists about my favoriete singing voices, this lijst is the english voices, the volgende one will be with their swedish voices (same goes for their speaking voices which I will do after the singing voices) because swedish is my first language and I grew up with most of the swedish versions of the princesses (except for Tiana and Rapunzel). For the swedish version I will post linken to videos so that u can choose a favoriete aswell. Image credit goes to Elemental-Aura for the beautiful top, boven image and princesslullaby for the rest of the pictures.

10. Pocahontas...
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One dag King Triton had to go away for the night. “I am leaving u my trident for protection,” he told Ariel and sisters. “This will keep u safe, but make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!” “Let’s have a sleepover,” zei Ariel. “We can take it in turns to stay awake and watch over the trident, and have some fun while Daddy’s away!” They did not realize that Ursula, the sea witch, was planning some fun of her own. Later that day, an old peddler arrived at the palace. “Like to buy some pretty things, my dear?” she crocked. A muziek box in the basket caught...
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10.Prince Charming
Rank Last Round: 10
blah too little screentime blah

"I wish Charming had meer screentime. That eye roll intrigues me. It means underneath that vacant, Ken-doll stare beats the hart-, hart of an intelligent (or at least, easily bored) human being" (phantomrose89)

High Rank (1-3):
sweetie-94 (3)
KataraLover (3)

Medium Rank (4-7):
PrueFever (4)
fhghu (5)
MrsEmmaPeel (5)
princesslullaby (7)
callejahLUVSed (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
Pink_Love (8)
flina (8)
tiffany88 (8)
mergirl13 (8)
PrincessSnow (8)
Ashley-Green (8)
haynay24 (9)
Mongoose09 (9)
SailorM91 (9)
Maja2601 (9)
phantomrose89 (9)
rougeslayer17 (9)...
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Chapter Four

Angelina found herself sleeping soundly much later into the morning than she had planned. Normally she was a morning person so she woke up quite early. However this morning was different. Maybe it was the fact that she was in a different environment of the fact that she could just flat out be a heavy sleeper. But when she finally did flutter her eyes open, the girl was quite surprised to see a small brown bunny just wiggling its nose and staring at her. Angelina paused for a minute, just looking at the creature wide-eyed. Maybe she was still dreaming. Maybe this rabbit wasn't even...
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Main Spot:

The Official Disney Princesses:
link from link (1937)
link from link (1950)
link from link (1959)
link from link (1989)
link from link (1991)
link from link (1992)
Pocahontas from link (1995)
Mulan from link (1998)
link from link (2009)
link from link (2010)
link from link (2012)

Disney Princess related:

Additional Disney Princesses / Heroines:
Alice from link (1951)
Wendy from link (1953)
link from link (1953)
Maid Marian from link (1973)
link from link (1985)
link from link (1994)
link from link (1996)
link from link (1997)
link from link...
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Frozen (2013)
animated film
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