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Welcome to the results of the countdown for Which Disney Princess Has the Best Speaking Voice. This enquête was so much fun to work on! Thanks to all the people who participated in it. I'm so sorry, but I decided to only chose three commentaren from every enquête and try to fit any further opinions into my paragraphs. Also, I've shortened a few comments, because for some reason my mind really isn't comfortable with the longer comments. Now, without any further ado, let's look at the outcomes.

11. Snow White

Snow White went out very quickly, with users claiming that her voice is much too high to be likable....
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Phew, so we've made it through the penultimate countdown. Only one meer to go! Also, I lied about the blue artikel being the longest - this one's the longest! Thanks to everyone who's been voting over the course of all of these polls. I can't wait for the final countdown that will determine which of the winning outfits is the best of the best! In the meantime, here are the results for your enjoyment.

Previous Articles

12. Ariel's white rags

It's no surprise that this outfit was the first eliminated, since it's literally a makeshift dress constructed from a tattered sail...
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 1.Common Dress
1.Common Dress
Hi, I hope u are enjoying my lijst and are looking vooruit, voorwaarts to my explanation of Belles dresses from Beauty and the beast. The seconde Renaissance princess and someone whon doesn't start as a princess but a normal woman. door the way with all honesty I've not seen the sequels so if there are any different dresses I've missed that u would like me to discuss commentaar on it and I'll explain on the volgende article.

1. Common dress
Belle leaves her house she shares with her dad and wonders round the town singing so beautifully, in a dress worn door a normal person in France about that time. Yet already it's...
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What's a princess without a tiara! fans have voted for their most beautiful tiara here's the look at the results.

11. Merida:
Most fans didn't think that hers was even a tiara, although technically a coronet is a tiara. fans felt it was too much like a headband only and was voted the first. Personally i thought it was very pretty and much closer to being a tiara than some that looked meer like proper crowns.

Isabellagirl033: Like wavesurf said, Merida's tiara is not even a tiara, it is just a piece of jewellary around a wimple.

Cruella: Is this thing even a tiara?

Sparklefairy375: Eh? I...
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Here are the results of Countdown for The SCARIEST DP Villain. The lijst is a result of the countdown done door fans. I tried to include at least one commentaar from everyone, to let the fans toon their opinions and I do apologize if I didn't include your's. I also added my own opinion to the descriptions, but it's just my opinion so feel free to disagree.


11. Gov. Ratcliffe
I wasn't surprised to see Ratcliffe leave first. Personally I've never cared for him, he just seems like spoiled brat to me. But even his fans don't find him all that threatening.

He's meer like Hans. They both are...
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posted by disnerdtobe
Merida is known for breaking the princess archetype. She shows that not all princesses are girly and frilly, and like Ariel, she shows that the seaweed is always greener on the other side. Girls dream of being mermaids, and Ariel shows that from a mermaid's perspective, being human can be just as intriguing. Likewise, girls dream of being a princess, and Merida (and also Jasmine) toon that being a princess is harder than it looks.

What I also see in Brave is that Merida is not only the anti-princess princess, but she is the anti-tomboy tomboy as well. Merida has "manly" interests like archery...
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Well,it's been a while since a wrote an article,huh?
It's not entirely my fault,it's just I that my life has its ups and downs and I had to deal with both of them in the past days.Plus,considering how long my vorige artikel was that I had to spleet, split it into two parts,I needed some break from that.
But enough talk,let's get into the artikel itself.
u may not have known this,but I'm also a big Steven Universe fan.Most of that has to do with the fact of,you guessed it,how much it resembles Frozen.
Now technically,Steven Universe aired about one week before Frozen came out,but the similarities...
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hallo there! I'm isabellagirl033 and as u all are well aware Cinderella has been adapted many times into live-action films though only some manage to truely be a hit. I'm going to break down some of my favourite portrayals into my top, boven 5.

5. Hillary Duff, A Cinderella Story
Despite it's cringe-worthiness and lack of loyalty to it's source, I still managed to enjoy the movie. Tween icoon Hillary Duff is the last thing that comes into my mind when I think of Cinderella but she made a convincing one at that. I think this spot goes to Hillary Duff mostly due to...
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I find that Snow has the opposite problem as Elsa: she is frequently just typed as a sensor (because u know, she's all traditional and not adventurous and likes to cook and all that boring sensor stuff, right?). There's a lot of bias and stereotyping with MBTI fans, and I used to be guilty of it too (OK, sometimes I still am). though to be fair, I think Snow IS a little underdeveloped in ways, so she could really be interpreted either way. However, I'll explain why I think she uses Ni over Si.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): No doubt about it, Snow White is warm, caring, and a social butterfly....
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 My User icoon Made door Myself
My User Icon Made By Myself
This is mostly inspired door the link door PrincessAyeka12. I thought it was really neat the way it gave a chance for people to talk about like interests as well as get to know the user better as a well-rounded person beyond just their DP favorieten etc. So I hope u guys don't mind this artikel and I'd love to hear from u about what we do and/or don't have in common. :)

Behind the Screen Name: I love reading and writing so I wanted to pick a name that was very symbolic for me. I love and strive for balance as I truly believe it is the key to life. My screenname was meant to represent the balance...
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The enquêtes are finished and the results are in! Who is the most frightening villain of them all? Here are the rankings of the main villains from each Disney Princess film, according to the Disney Princess Fanpop Club! Thank u to everyone who voted as well as everyone who left comments! Some of your commentaren are shown meer than once, if they applied to meer than one villain. I hope u guys enjoy this and can't wait to hear what u guys think overall! :D (P.S. This is the club's rankings. For those of u who are interested in link)

12. Hans: Although the majority of fans voting did not think...
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