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 Evolution of Ariel
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Ariel's dress changes
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I used to post these on the Disney Prince club but that spot looks dead :( I already did The Disney Princes I would settle down with but I don't really like it now, when I re-read some of my old articles, I sometimes cringe. Personality is meer important than looks but I can't really marry someone I'm not attracted to. I'm going to make this short because it can get offensive. I saw JNTA1234 doing this with the Princesses and I laughed a lot so here we go...

 One song my hart-, hart keeps singing for one love only for you.
One song my hart-, hart keeps singing for one love only for you.

The Prince - Kill
I love The Prince and I would love him to serenade me...
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A/N- Just a little Christmas story. I wrote this in the style of "Beauty
and the Beast" because...I don't know. The films have been on
for two days and it just came to me.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these characters they belong to Disney.

"Which would u two like to read tonight?" I asked the two
little girls who were currently content in being held door their papa.
It had been 6 years since the spell had been broken, since the
wedding had taken place, and since the birth of our two adorable
twin girls. Adam and I had been ruling over France for the past two
years after his uncle, who had taken...
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Fictional place under water whose ruler is king Triton. This place is sort of palace-city. It has walls around it, but it doesn't have classical roof, and inner walls and that's what makes it odd and doesn't feel like home.

Other than the fact we couldn't breathe in such place the turn offs were also the look of an abandoned place, kinda ruined, cold, with only few rooms, furniture and details. It surrounding is also quite depressing. Nearby is ship graveyard and nothing else. No other houses, public places for mermen and mermaids, just rocks and seaweeds.
 Room of Triton's daughters
Room of...
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