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It has been so long since I did an artikel on here and I felt like it's time to do something and be a part of the DP community.
Anyways,this lijst might change after today so this would be a current list. So..don't be upset if your favoriete movie is low.
I am also ranking them on animation,music and characters. So keep that in mind!~ (Also,no Frozen on this list. I haven't seen the movie yet.)

10) Beauty and the Beast.
Now,the movie wasn't too bad. It was just really really dull. The characters were meh and I just didn't see any development. The animatie wasn't all that bad but it could have...
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 Ella and Kit, together!!
Ella and Kit, together!!
Hi everyone, I have decided to write about what I like and didn't like about both versions of Cinderella. If u guys disagree with me, I don't mind. In the bold bracket, is the one I like.

The Prologue

In the 1950 version, we only saw Cinderella and her father with their pets. Unfortunately, he only gets a few minuten of screen-time and there were no interaction between the two because I felt that the whole prologue was just rush. We don't know how close the bond is between Cinderella and her dad.
In the 2015 version, for the first time we got to see her mother as well and Ella, including...
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ster vlinder tries to call her mom the Queen of Mewni for help when she accidentally turns her teacher into a troll.
ster vlinder
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This isn't in order of what I like, this is the order they are shown in the movie.

1. The Rags
Am I the only one who likes this? I think it's cute how she is tonen off her dress like she thinks it looks good. Of course it looks ridiculous when it's all bunched up, but after it smooths out, I think it's pretty. White is probably the best color on Ariel (besides her green fishtail and purple seashells). I wouldn't like it as clothing, but it's the first thing she wears, and only for a few minutes, I think it looks good on her.

2. The roze Dress
Of course this one clashes with her hair. But I...
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I am thinking about leaving. I don't know. I haven't been on here very long and I am already getting sick of this site. I love the disney princesses (disney in general)and it's something I love to devote my spare time too but I feel like people on this site are really judgemental and have a hard time accepting people. I never have felt welcome when I joined this site and that is something a lot of people talk about on here, how they had felt welcome when they first joined. I feel like u have to have a certain personality to be accepted. Does that make sence? And if u don't have that certain...
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I know this isn't really Disney Princess but I figured a few people would find this obvious knock off entertaining.
knock off
snow white
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