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Hello there. I might not be able to fully express myself in this and since this is my first time posting an artikel like this. So,be warned. ^^"
Lets begin!

11) Ariel.
Now,I don't HATE Ariel. I just never really found her all that interesting. She does have her moments where I like her at.
I did like it when she went to the Ursula to turn into a human. Most people think that was a bit selfish of her. I don't though,it was for love. She loved Eric and wanted to be with him.

10) Tiana.
Like with Ariel,I don't hate her. She was an okay character and I really liked her personality. I just...
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 I am Merida, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!
I am Merida, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!
10. Aurora
Merida just wouldn't understand why Aurora obeys authority and is respectful, instead of opposing everyone around her. She would find Aurora boring and too girly, always daydreaming about men in her dreams. Aurora is exactly the type of person Merida doesn't want to be. Aurora put her duty first before her own pleasures, and Merida wants to gain her freedom. She wouldn't see Aurora's actions in a positive light and will find her too inactive and passive.

9. Cinderella
Merida would misjudge Cinderella immediately as a doormat who has no backbone. She wouldn't get why she never stands...
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 Ready to meet your live-action counterparts?
Ready to meet your live-action counterparts?
Hi guys, since I had watch 3 reboots of their respective Disney classics. Here are my opinions on which is better, the animated of the live-action version?


Okay, as mentioned, this film left me disturbed for a number of reasons. The first was how they make King Stefan turn into the dark side, whereas in Sleeping Beauty. He is not like that at all! (1959 Version)
Sadly, Aurora gets less screen-time like her animated counterpart. But, she's meer bubbly like Snow White! So I would say that I admire both the animated and live-action Princess Aurora. (tied)


I was very happy...
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 All 11 Disney Princesses
All 11 Disney Princesses
I have been wanting to do this artikel for months, and I finally have my lijst sorted out. I decided I am going to do one now, and then an updated one in a few weeks with Anna and Elsa in it. Hope u like it. :)

Numbers 10-9 are the princesses I simply like.

10. Tiana (Previously: 10)

I like Tiana, she's everything I should want to be. She's a perfect role model. She's mature, hard-working, dutiful, sensible, practical, everything I'm not. I really admire her determination and her bravery, but it ends there. I can't really connect with her at all, which makes me uninterested in her.

09. Snow White...
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