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Disney Princess Who's the best blue fairy?

40 fans picked:
MerryWeather (Sleeping Beauty)
Fairy God Mother (Cinderella)
The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)
Fairies? I prefer genies.
There's been other fairies that are better
 BelleRose829 posted een jaar geleden
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BelleRose829 picked Fairy God Mother (Cinderella):
Freaking BOSS. But that's just me.
posted een jaar geleden.
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AlicenNeverland picked MerryWeather (Sleeping Beauty):
She's epic
posted een jaar geleden.
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misscindyspice picked MerryWeather (Sleeping Beauty):
Because I am the aquamarine fairy and no blue fairy will ever be as cool as me. *flips hair* Anyway, Merryweather is BOSS.
posted een jaar geleden.