Disney Princess Smartest Disney Princess COUNTDOWN. Choose the LEAST EDUCATED! (Elimination is door COMMENTS!) dag 6.

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 avatar_tla_fan posted een jaar geleden
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avatar_tla_fan picked Cinderella:
13. Anna
12. Ariel
11. Aurora
10. Snow White
9. Pocahontas
posted een jaar geleden.
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uploaded900 picked Merida:
For the millionth time she lacks common sense.
posted een jaar geleden.
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cruella picked Merida:
She goes to a fricking witch to change her mother!
posted een jaar geleden.
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Digoenes picked Cinderella:
Guys, the poll is about education, not intelligence or common sense. Educated people can make stupid mistakes, especially under stress. Merida is shown being educated about the politics of her kingdom, music, and folklore (even if her interest was half-hearted), she even uses those skills to prevent the kingdom from going to war. As for my vote, I chose Cinderella because while she was probably educated by her father, she couldn't have been more than 6-8 and I highly doubt Lady Tremaine gave her a formal education.
posted een jaar geleden.
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BelleRose829 picked jasmijn:
She didn't even know she had to PAY for apples, she knows nothing about safety or how the world is, she's a fast learner, but she's very naïve in other ways, she doesn't use her brain as I would, but she's not completely dumb. Her or Merida for the same reasons. Cinderella is smarter than most people think, but she should go after Elsa is eliminated. Jasmine, Merida, Elsa then Cinderella. If you want to get technical I can point out a number of reasons why. Education is about both formal intelligence such as, culture, language, mathematics and sciences, but if you lack common sense you have no use for the others, someone educated about culture and politics would use that in real life, like Merida if she was formally educated she would use what she knows to deduce that it's probably not a good idea to trust stranger, so she didn't pay attention thus making her low-educated. Same for Ariel, Jasmine, Anna, Elsa and so on. Though Cinderella might not have great science or math skills she has the knowledge of how to function, cleaning, sewing, cooking, street smarts. Seeing as the others (previously voted out) don't apparently USE their formal teachings, they are dumber. If you can't apply what you've learned in real life, whats the point of learning it? And it's stupid not to use what you've been taught. Hmmm, perhaps I'm not explaining this well...

Take Abraham Lincoln for example, he had NO formal education what so ever and he taught himself how to read. He would be more educated than some princess who never paid attention to her studies. Merida never paid any attention to her studies and Mulan who, being a woman, had no formal teachings would be smarter than her for obvious reasons.
posted een jaar geleden.
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emerald_32 picked jasmijn:
Once you lack common sense everything else goes kaput.
posted een jaar geleden.
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manu962 picked Cinderella:
How did Pocahontas leave before her?
posted een jaar geleden.