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Disney Princess Do u think Dreams Come True and Belle's Magical World would have better reputations if they had been TV series instead of movies?

24 fans picked:
Dreams Come True, yes; Belle's Magical World, no
Belle's Magical World, yes; Dreams Come True, no
 hatelarxene posted ·11 maanden geleden
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ApplesauceDoctr picked Yes:
They would have less awful reputations. They'd be judged as TV shows instead of full-fledged sequels.
posted ·11 maanden geleden.
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Sparklefairy375 picked No:
Not really I guess. They're basically feels like a TV series more than movies.
posted ·11 maanden geleden.
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MissCinico picked No:
I think both ways they would be looked down on, but Cinderella II would've been much more successful as a tv show merchandise wise, but critically both are pretty crap, so I don't see how breaking it up on tv would make it any better than smashing it together in a direct-to-dvd sequel.
posted ·11 maanden geleden.
last edited ·11 maanden geleden
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princesslullaby picked Yes:
A better reputation, but not necessarily a good one.
posted ·10 maanden geleden.