Disney Princess Would u like me to do a Disney Princess Outfit Countdown? (More info in the comments)

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 LMH5113 posted een jaar geleden
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LMH5113 picked Yes!:
For this series of polls, there will be a countdown for each of the princesses and then the winner from each of the countdowns will face off. I will not be including different versions of the same dress though (examples include Snow White's dress with the cape, Cinderella's servant dress with her hair in a ponytail vs loose and Merida's ruined light blue dress). Here's a list of outfits that will be in the countdown.
Snow White: Servant dress and Princess Dress
Cinderella: Nightgown, Servant Dress, Pink Dress, Ball Gown and Wedding Dress
Aurora: Peasant Dress, Blue Dress and Pink Dress
Ariel: Pink Dress, Nightgown, Blue Dress, Sparkly Dress and Wedding Dress
Belle: Blue Dress, Green Dress, Pink Dress and Yellow Ball Gown
Jasmine: Blue Outfit, Peasant Disguise, Purple Dress, Red Outfit and Ending Outfit
Pocahontas: Nature Dress
Mulan: Blue Pajamas, Green Dress, Matchmaker Dress, Armor, Tan Pajamas, Training Outfit and Blue Dress
Tiana: Blue Waitress Dress, Yellow Dress, Brown Dress, Blue Dress, White Dress, Bayou Dress, Wedding Dress, Orange Dress and Ending Dress
Rapunzel: Purple Dress, Pink Dress and Wedding Dress
Merida: Main Dress, Light Blue Dress and Ending Dress
If there are any outfits you think should be included, comment below!
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BB2010 picked Yes!:
I like this idea!
posted een jaar geleden.
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EmaSomolanyiova picked Yes!:
Why not? It's always nice to participate in a countdown!
posted een jaar geleden.
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PrincessAyeka12 picked Yes!:
Yep, I like the idea.
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