Disney Princess Tiebreaker...Most Beautiful Heroine Countdown...DAY 10: Who is LESS beautiful?

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 dweeb posted een jaar geleden
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dweeb picked Tiana:
These are not the final two but when Day 10 expired they were tied as least beautiful...
posted een jaar geleden.
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TigerRanma picked Pocahontas:
Maybe. Tiana's super adorable. And Pocahontas's face is kinda plain looking and kinda like a fish. Her entire design is hot. She's like the perfect animated Native American princess. Though I could've said the same thing about Esmeralda, since I think her Gypsy design is much prettier. So eh.
posted een jaar geleden.
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queenbee13 picked Tiana:
They are both very pretty, and it makes me sad sometimes when people rank on some princess (I know it's their opinion, and I respect it, I just feel that some people go a little bit too far) and treat others like . . . well, royalty.

But these girls are pretty nonetheless, I just choose randomly.
posted een jaar geleden.