Disney Princess PRINCESS PERSONALITY enquête - Ariel Edition - Part 2 of 4: Is Ariel a Sensing type of an Intuitive type?

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 LightningRed posted een jaar geleden
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LightningRed picked Intuitive:
Sensors often:
- Focus on details & specifics
- Admire practical solutions
- Notice details & remember facts
- Are pragmatic - see what is
- Live in the here-and-now
- Trust actual experience
- Like to use established skills
- Like step-by-step instructions
- Work at a steady pace

Intuitives often:
- Focus on the big picture & possibilities
- Admire creative ideas
- Notice anything new or different
- Are inventive - see what could be
- Think about future implications
- Trust their gut instincts
- Prefer to learn new skills
- Like to figure things out for themselves
- Work in bursts of energy
posted een jaar geleden.
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ppgbelle4 picked Intuitive:
Definitely. She is a dreamer, and she follows her gut before making decisions.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Mongoose09 picked Sensing:
By FAR, in my opinion. Based on the descriptions above.
posted een jaar geleden.