Disney Princess My Favourites: Which Do u Agree With the Most?

Pick one:
Favourite Princess: Rapunzel
Favourite DP Movie: The Princess and the Frog
Favourite Singing Voice: Belle
Favourite Speaking Voice: Merida
Favourite Song: Colours of the Wind
Favourite Beginning: The Little Mermaid
Favourite Ending: Pocahontas
Favourite Soundtrack: The Little Mermaid
Favourite Score: Pocahontas
Favourite Prince: Flynn
Favourite Couple: Rapunzel and Flynn
Favourite Outfit: Belle's goud Dress
Favourite Villain: Mother Gothel
Prettiest Princess: jasmijn
Favourite Sidekick: Lumiere
Favourite Kiss: Tiana and Naveen's
Favourite Hair: jasmijn
 disneygirl7 posted een jaar geleden
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