Disney Princess COUNTDOWN dag #3- favoriete Scene from any Disney Princess movie! Pick your LEAST favoriete & comment.

Pick one:
Happy ending of Snow White
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
So this is Love
The dungeon scene
Happy ending of Sleeping Beauty
Once Upon a Dream (Aurora thru Phillip's scene)
Phillip battles Maleficent
Aurora hypnotized
Ariel gives up her voice
Belle in the West Wing
"Beauty and the Beast"
Beast's transformation
A Whole New World
Arabian Nights
Pocahontas and John Smith meet
Colors of the Wind
ending of Pocahontas
I'll Make a Man out of u
The Burned Down Village (including Shang honoring his father)
Mulan's decision
Tiana and Naveen are human again
"Almost There"
Kingdom Dance
Merida and Elinor argue
"Let it Go"
"For the First time in Forever (Reprise)"
Elsa fights the guards
Anna's sacrifice
Elsa's coronation party
 princesslullaby posted een jaar geleden
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