Disney Princess Which Snow White reference in Enchanted is your favorite?

Pick one:
Storybook opening
Giselle's personality
Snow White's rags on troll's loincloth
Mary Ilene Caselotti's last name referencing Adriana Caselotti
Narissa disguising herself as a hag
Giselle eating a poison appel, appel, apple and dropping it the same way Snow White did
Giselle mistaking a little person for Grumpy
Happy Working Song being an homage to Whistle While u Work
Edward calling the tv Magic Mirror
Giselle and animals cleaning the apartment like Snow White
karamel on the appel, appel, apple being a skull pattern
Narissa being an evil queen and evil stepmother
Giselle looking through two gems like Dopey
The law firm Robert works for named after Snow White composers
True love's kiss
Giselle having forest animal vrienden
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