Disney Princess Which song that a princess sings reveals the most about her character?

Pick one:
"I'm Wishing" - Snow White
"Whistle While u Work" - Snow White
"Some dag My Prince Will Come" - Snow White
"A Dream is a Wish Your hart-, hart Makes" - Cinderella
"So This is Love" - Cinderella
"I Wonder" - Aurora
"Once Upon a Dream" - Aurora
"Part of Your World/Reprise" - Ariel
"Belle/Reprise" - Belle
"Something There" - Belle
"A Whole New World" - jasmijn
"Just Around the Riverbend" - Pocahontas
"Colors of the Wind" - Pocahontas
"Honor to Us All" - Mulan
"Reflection" - Mulan
"Almost There" - Tiana
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