Disney Princess What is the best of most fitting thing a Disney Princess was named after? Not just your favoriete name. (Messed up the first one :S)

Pick one:
Snow ~ nature's symbol of purity and slumber [Snow White]
Cinders ~ a bron of warmth and light [Cinderella]
Dawn ~ the rising light of dag and time of awakening [Aurora]
Rose ~ a bloem symbolizing love and femininty [Briar Rose]
leeuwin ~ a creature symbolizing strength [Ariel]
Aria ~ a light song sung door one person [Ariel alternative]
Beauty ~ pleasure to the mind and senses [Belle]
jasmijn ~ a fragrant bloem meaning "gift from God" [Jasmine]
Mischief ~ being up to no good [Pocahontas]
magnolia ~ a bloem which symbolizes perseverance and nobility [Mulan]
Princess ~ the wife of a prince of daughter of a king [Tiana]
Bellflower ~ a German bloem that is both beautiful and edible [Rapunzel]
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