Disney Princess What was the saddest moment in history of the couples? (Add your own, sequels count too)

Pick one:
Prince thinks that kiss didn't work and Snow White is dead
Charming thinks that Cinderella is gone
Cinderella thinks that she missed the chance to be with her true love
Aurora and Philip think that they will have to marry someone they don't love
Ariel being sad because Eric is marrying other woman
Beast being sad because Belle is gone
Belle thinks that Beast is dead
jasmijn thinks that Aladdin is executed
Pocahontas saying goodbye to John Smith
Pocahontas thinks that John is going to be executed
Mulan thinks that Shang is dead (Mulan 2)
Mulan and Shang breaking up (Mulan 2)
Tiana thinks that Naveen went to marry with charlotte
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