#5 home pagina on the Range
Usually, I like most disney films, but I made my least favourite disney films list. I know some of u like any of these disney films, but they're worse in my opinion. But I'm a big Disney fan more.

#5 home pagina On The Range-This animatie is weak and terrible. Yuck! As u know, I hate this film. All the characters are boring. It's so annoying. The movements are worse.

#4 Aladdin-I thought this film was gonna be vintage and as good as The Return of Jafar, but it's not. The worst quote from Jafar is, "You cannot just parade in here uninvited!" Poor Aladdin. He's so happy to meet Jafar but Jafar isn't happy to see Aladdin. I used to like this film when I was little, but I don't anymore. The Return of Jafar is my favourite disney film and it's better than this terrible first Aladdin film in my opinion. jasmijn is fine in The Return of Jafar but in this first Aladdin film, she's awful. I hate it when Aladdin asks Genie, "What do u wish for?" But Genies never wish. They just ask their masters what they wish for. Aladdin is my number 4 worst disney classic ever. Jafar is fine in the sequel but he's awful in this original. In my opinion, The Return of Jafar is disney's number 1 best and this film disney's number 4 worst. The Golden Films version of Aladdin is better than this disney version. This film is upsetting and The Golden Films version of Aladdin is decent. My favourite villain from The Golden Films version is Haseem. I like the other Aladdin franchises like Aladdin TV Series, Aladdin and the King of Thieves and of course, my favourite Aladdin episode of Hercules and the Arabian Nights.

#3 101 Dalmatians-As u know, this film is boring in my opinion. Perdita is a serious damsel in distress. She's awful with her puppies. The serious Black Labrador tells the puppies, "Now, stay right with me, kids." He's just like my supporters who are in real life. Their job is to look after us students. I don't like it when their job is serious. An "!" Is always in this whole boring film.

#2 Cinderella-As u know, Cinderella is an annoying damsel in distress and all the other characters are really boring. I hate Lady Tremaine, but she's voiced door the same villain actress who did a role of Maleficent in one of my favourite disney films, Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is so much better than Lady Tremaine. Aurora isn't a damsel in distress like Cinderella. She's so sensible. And she's independent as well. She ignores Maleficent, but Cinderella doesn't ignore Lady Tremaine. I hate this whole film because it's boring.

#1 Peter Pan-As u know, Peter Pan is my least favourite disney film of all time. All the script is sooooooo boring and Wendy's scream is worse. I hate Captain Hook's pirates. On the other hand, all the characters are boring and so are all the songs and so is the muziek and so is the animation. I think Wendy is the most annoying character ever.
#4 Aladdin
#3 101 Dalmatians
#2 Cinderella
#1 Peter Pan