The gorgeous, mature-looking redhead
I've been planning to do this for a while, but I never had the chance to. KataraLover's top, boven 10 most beautiful DC girls artikel inspired me to write this article. Anyways, here is my top, boven 10 most beautiful Disney Channel ladies.

10. Bella Thorne and Bridgit Mendler
What a way to start off an article, with a tie. Bella Thorne is very mature-looking. She's sixteen, but she looks about eighteen of nineteen. She has an amazing smile, beautiful lips, mature features, very pretty eyes, and absolutely GORGEOUS red hair which happens to be her best feature. I honestly don't see how people find her ugly, of say that she looks like a mixture of an alien and a monkey... NOT. People who find her ugly are either too high-maintenance of biased because they don't like Shake it Up. And she is much, MUCH prettier than Zendaya. Now, on to Bridgit. Bridgit is gorgeous! She's got an amazing smile, great set of lips, beautiful eyes, and AMAZING blonde hair. She's extremely pretty.
Best feature: Bella-HAIR. So gorgeous; Bridgit-Same thing: HAIR
Worst feature: Bella-Hm... Her body, I guess? She does look kinda too skinny and anorexic. Also, her nose is kinda pointy, even I though care much about noses. Bridgit-Um... I don't really know. She's flawless from head to toe...

9. Demi Lovato
This may be unpopular opinion, but Demi Lovato is absolutely STUNNING and GORGEOUS. She has a great smile, nice lips, a cute nose, pretty eyes, and beautiful hair. In fact, she can pull off any hair color! From red to blonde to blue! She is a very unique beauty. She looks absolutely STUNNING in her Made in the USA video.
Best feature: HAIR
Worst feature: Her double chin, but I don't really mind

8. Debby Ryan (when she was on Suite Life)
Debby Ryan is so gorgeous, at least before she died her hair that shade of red and covered herself in makeup. Such a shame, she was such a natural beauty. I really loved the dusty brown color of her hair, it was so gorgeous. Her smile is amazing, she's got a great set of lips, and gorgeous eyes. I still think she's pretty, I just don't think she was gorgeous like she was before.
Best feature: Hair (when it was dusty brown)
Worst feature: Before? Nothing. Now? The amount of makeup she puts on.

7. Selena Gomez
She's absolutely gorgeous. Also, I would like to say that I don't think she's an awful singer, I think she's just fine. Not decent, but just okay. Anyways, she has beautiful black hair, an amazing smile, great lips, and absolutely gorgeous eyes. How the hell did Justin Bieber get a girl like her? She's GORGEOUS and he's HIDEOUS. She can pull off both long AND short hair.
Best feature: Eyes and hair-her hair is so glossy and reminds me how Snow White's hair would look like if it was long
Worst feature: Her chubby cheeks-She does look baby faced and younger than she actually is

6. Miley Cyrus
Another unpopular opinion, but I think Miley is absolutely GORGEOUS! Her eyes are GORGEOUS, an amazing ocean-blue color. She has great lips, an amazing smile, and she used to have such gorgeous hair. She looks gorgeous even with her short hair! Also, I would like to say that I'm one of the few people who actually likes her short hair (but not when it's up in a mohawk). I think people who call her ugly are just biased. I do NOT think she looks like "a rat with horse teeth".
Best feature: When she had long of shoulder length hair-HAIR; now when she has short hair: EYES
Worst feature: Her teeth. They do look kinda crooked. I don't really mind, though. Her smile is still gorgeous.

5. Brenda Song
I think Brenda Song is stunningly GORGEOUS. I love Asian beauties. I used to think she was just cute, but I realized how wrong I was. Her hair is gorgeous, her eyes are beautiful, she's got an amazing smile, and her lips are great.
Best feature: HAIR (It seems like I'm putting hair as everyone's best feature here-meh, whatever. No one can do anything about it, anyways)
Worst feature: Um... This is hard. Her... everything else? I honestly don't know, I can't think of anything bad to say about her.

4. Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale is gorgeous! In my opinion, she's the prettiest of all the Suite Life girls. I've always found her gorgeous, even when I was a little boy. She's got a gorgeous smile, GORGEOUS hair, amazing lips, and beautiful eyes. Ashley is absolutely STUNNING
Best feature: Hair (again...)
Worst feature: I don't really like it when she does eend faces... but that really shouldn't count.

3. Emily Osment
Yes, I find Emily Osment to be prettier than Miley. It was hard to decide between Emily and Ashley, but Emily won door slightly. I used to think Miley was prettier, but as I grew older, I realized that Emily is actually prettier. Her blonde hair is gorgeous, her eyes are pretty, she's got a great smile, and a great pair of lips.
Best feature: HAIR (Again...)
Worst feature: I don't really know, she's flawless from head to toe...

2. Lindsay Lohan (Before the drugs)
Say what u want about Lindsay now, but she was stunningly gorgeous before all the craziness happened. I'm a real sucker for her GORGEOUS red hair. I really love her great lips and amazing smile. It's sad to see how she is now. I think she looked gorgeous in that Elizabeth Taylor movie where she played Liz.
Best feature: HAIR (surprise, surprise)
Worst feature: Before? Nothing. She was absolutely flawless. After drugs? EVERYTHING: hair, teeth, lips... It's sad, really.

1. Hilary Duff
There is no doubt about it that Hilary Duff is the most beautiful woman ever to come onto Disney Channel. She happens to be my 11th most beautiful woman that ever lived, door the way. She is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS. I'm a sucker for blondes, so of COURSE of ADORE her gorgeous blonde hair. Her lips are gorgeous, her smile is very lovely, and her skin is flawless. There is not a single bad thing about her looks, she is absolutely flawless.
Best feature: I'll give u one guess.
Worst feature: NONE. SHE'S FLAWLESS.

Honorable mentions go to: Lalaine, Anneliese busje, van der Pol, and Vanessa Hudgens
The gorgeous blonde
The underrated beauty
Gorgeous before she died her hair and caked herself in makeup
Gorgeous but baby-faced and young-looking
The even meer underrated beauty
Gorgeous Asian beauty
Thought she was gorgeous since childhood
Gorgeous lady, meer beautiful than Miley
Gorgeous redhead, before all the craziness
Flawless, with perfect hair and eyes