The man we can all thank
Sorry for getting it up so late, but here it is, the final Walt Disney’s Favorites. The top, boven 10, now I know most of u would put your favoriete films in the top, boven 10 of the worlds favorites, but the top, boven 3 maybe the last films u would think about. I will be starting a enquête for u guys to give in your opinion about it (All the films that I ranked) and I want to do this again for my new blog that I’m setting up.
10th Pooh beer Older

It’s Pooh beer need I say more? It’s amazing! It has the Walt Animal Magic into it, Pooh beer seems like someone he would love, why would it be better than the newer one? It has meer Walt Disney into it and less Modern Disney into it. The songs, the stories, everything he would love about it, but the others more.

9th Beauty and the Beast

Walt would love this film and the volgende two the same so I had to be a little biased one the ranking. Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful film that Walt would love, he would find it to be timeless and magical, but sadly he wouldn’t find it to be fun like the top, boven 8, it seems to stay to on the story track it doesn’t really have any funny parts besides with the clock and candle. I believe the lack of fun would take it down for him.

8th Tangled

Tangled is amazing film, Walt would love it a lot, Rapunzel and Flynn would be a part of his OTP along with the number two film and Snow White and her prince. He would love the animatie to it (He would be on both side CGI and 2D), he would love the twist on the fairy tale and the characters and songs, (I think he would think of I have a Dream like A Pirates Life for Me). It would have a Classic Disney Mother to it, and a story that would make him sigh because it was the third film so far that Disney has made that has both Walt Disney in it and Disney Magic.

7th Little Mermaid

I’m sorry Little Mermaid fans, I know u may have wanted first but I think this film earned its place (It’s going up against some great films IMO). He would love the story, animation, songs and characters, sure at times he find Ariel to be too much, but he would love that she’s chasing after her dream just like he wants all of us too do.

6th Jungle Book

He’s final films, the one film he didn’t get to see the final cut. I’m sure if he was still a live he would enjoy is a lot, in fact u could tell (by watching the behind the scenes) he was having fun with it. The music, the story and the characters are ones that we should be comparing Disney’s Films now to, because they have the Walt Touch to them (Like the three films behind it did and the others in the top, boven 10). I’m sure he would see the beauty in this film that it very over looked.

5th Tarzan

Like his final film. This one brings in humans and animals together. The only reason he would like it meer than TJB is that it was better door a long shot! It had a Disney Love story to it, the characters and songs are some that stay in our head forever and it seemed to be one of the few films that I can personally say are True Disney.

4th The Lion King

Now I have to say, this film earned the top, boven 4, not only because it’s the best Disney film since his death (IMO) but also the King of Disney (With Cinderella being the Queen). He would love just about everything in it. It has everything that his films had it in and more! I can hear him giving one of his interviews with the characters in the way that he would make them talk. But I’m sure he would enjoy the other films more

3rd vos, fox and the Hound

For the longest time I thought this film came out when Walt was still alive; however, it didn’t but because it was Walt Disney Good I believe he would enjoy it a lot. The story of two vrienden that promise to be vrienden forever, then break up and kind of get back together. It’s a sweet and sad story that he would love. The songs and characters would be a part of his Disney Animal Line up and he would love Todd and Copper to death. But it can’t beat the top, boven 2.

Okay the top, boven 2 can go in either order. In fact they are they were the first Disney film since his death that I could feel both him and Disney magic in. But because Walt was quoted in the number one film, I think it should win.

2nd The Princess and the Frog

On a enquête I saw about Walt’s favoriete modern Princess, I saw that Tiana was winning because she was so much like Cinderella. Before I go on into the film, I want to do a quick history about Walt to understand something. Walt Disney was kicked out of the newspaper business; because, he was, ‘uncreative’ and ‘lack imagination.’ But he didn’t give up and showed everyone that people couldn’t define him. Like in the Princess and the Frog, Tiana was told she could do things because she wasn’t the right type of person to do it. He would love that. The love story is one that seems to mix a lot of the Disney love stories together and is fairy tale perfect. The muziek would make him want to dance. The character he would find Walt Disney perfect and the animatie he would find top, boven notch.

1st Meet the Robinsons

I’m sure a lot of u are looking at this and shaking your head no. But let me hopefully make u shake your head yes. This whole movie is about dreaming of tomorrow and to keep moving vooruit, voorwaarts which I can see in Walt’s life like I zei with Tiana. A kid getting his dreams turned down and yet he still comes on top. This movie would fit in with the Tomorrow Land with all the different gismos and gages Wilber makes. He would love the animation, quick pace story, funny original characters and the upbeat music. It’s plain and simple to follow and can stay in a lot of our heads for a lot time (If we get it a seconde chance like a lot of films). And I’m sure he would keep on using the most famous quote from that movie, ‘Keep Moving Forward.’

So there u have it, “My ranking of Walt’s favoriete Films.” I’m sure u guys disagree with it a lot but like I zei it’s my ranking. If u want to make your own u can! I would love to read it and see what it’s like.