The Lion King
Hi everyone, this is my seconde artikel about The Lion King. Only this time, I'm going to comparing to another non-Disney movie called The Land Before Time. Are u ready?

The Land Before Time

While watching this movie after so many years, there was a character name Rooter, who ironically is the narrator of the movie. Actually told Littlefoot about the great cirkel of Life shortly after the tragic passing of his mother, I thought for a moment that the Lion King stal this line! But I guess that I was wrong in the end.
Littlefoot's relationship with his mother and grandparents are like those of Simba and Mufasa, the latter's death is also very tragic like Littlefoot's mother's death in the midst of a disaster. The only difference is that Mufasa was killed door his brother, Scar during the stampede. While Littlefoot's mother was killed door Sharptooth during an earthquake.

The Lion King

To be honest, I was really sure whether the filmmakers had watched The Land Before Time for inspiration. But I guess they also tried to promote The cirkel of Life theme in this movie, and I guess maybe did look up to the Don Bluth's movie for inspiration after all!
To top, boven it all, this movie became the highest grossing movie until Frozen came 19 years later.

The cirkel of Life

I grew up watching these 2 films and they will always be in my hart-, hart for generations to come.