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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: Frozen is not owned and created door me.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were planning on going to the strand tomorrow. Elsa was helping her helpers clean the kingdom while Anna got swimsuits. Anna called Elsa.

Anna zei "Hi Elsa. I'm at the new clothes store."

Elsa zei "Hi Anna. Have u found any good swim suits yet?"

Anna looked around and zei "I think so. Swimsuits sure are immodest." Anna grabbed 2 outfits and zei "Don't worry. I found 2 great swimsuits."

Elsa zei "Do u think that the swimsuits are great of are they a great price?"

Anna zei "They are 60% off. Don't worry. They are cute swimsuits."

Elsa zei "Okay."

After Anna finished her phone call she noticed that the Duke of Weselton was also at the store. Anna zei "What are u up to?"

The Duke of Weselton zei "I'm looking for some high heels to wear to a fancy event."

Anna zei "Um high heels are for women."

The Duke of Weselton zei "Nobody told me that. I'm so mad!"

Anna zei "You sure are mad often."

The Duke of Weselton angrily zei "Not true."

Anna payed for the clothes and went home. After that she was tired and took a long nap.

The volgende dag Anna and Elsa woke up later than usual. Anna zei "Will we be late to the beach?"

Elsa zei "We better hurry."

Anna zei "Lets just get our swimsuits on now and then go to the beach."

Elsa zei "Okay."

Anna had thought she bought a 2 part roze zwempak, badpak for her and a blue 2 part zwempak, badpak for Elsa, but she actually bought bras and underpants.

Elsa zei "Are u sure that these are swimsuits Anna?"

Anna zei "Of course I am. They couldn't be anything else."

Elsa zei "They aren't very modest."

Anna zei "Swimsuits never are. Lets go."

Anna and Elsa went to the beach. A few people gasped at the 2 underwear-clad sisters.

Elsa zei "Some people are giving us weird looks."

Anna zei "They are probably jealous of how cute we are."

Anna and Elsa started laying on the beach. Anna zei "Do we have any strand towels?"

Elsa zei "You rushed me so much that we didn't bring anything."

Anna and Elsa built a sandcastle together. After they finished the sandcastle the Duke of Weselton threw water at the sandcastle. The Duke zei "Your monstrous sandcastle is gone. Ha, ha."

Anna zei "I wish Kristoff was here."

Elsa zei "He is here. Look over there."

Anna got excited and she zei "I need a hairbrush for my hair."

Elsa zei "We didn't bring a comb. Just talk to him."

Anna walked up to Kristoff and zei "Hi."

Kristoff was wearing a swim trunks and a t-shirt. He zei "Hi."

Anna zei "Do u like my new swimsuit?"

Kristoff zei "Um Anna that isn't a swimsuit."

Anna zei "Of course it's a swimsuit. It couldn't be anything else."

Kristoff zei "Um Anna you're wearing a bra and underwear." There was a store a few feet away so Kristoff proved to Anna and Elsa that they weren't wearing real swimsuits.

Elsa zei "Oh no. We were and still are in public in our undies."

Anna zei "We'll just buy some new clothes."

Elsa zei "Our money is at home."

Anna zei "Oh no."

Elsa zei "We better go home."

Anna and Elsa started running home.

Elsa zei "From now on I'll buy the swimsuits."

Anna zei "Good plan."
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[from trailer]
Mother Gothel: Great. Now *I'm* the bad guy.

[looking in the mirror with Rapunzel]
Mother Gothel: Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady.
[Rapunzel smiles]
Mother Gothel: Oh look, you're here too.

Mother Gothel: Skip the drama, stay with Mama!

[repeated line]
Mother Gothel: I'm just teasing!

[Rapunzel pulls Mother Gothel up the tower]
Rapunzel: Hi. Welcome home, Mother.
Mother Gothel: Oh! Rapunzel, how u manage to do that every single dag without fail, it looks absolutely exhausting, darling!
Rapunzel: Oh, it's nothing.
Mother Gothel: Then I don't...
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Well, quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and, how quaint, even the rebel.
[Merryweather starts angrily starts to fly towards Maleficent but is held back door Flora]
I really felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation.
You weren't wanted!
Not wa...? Oh dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. Well, in that event I'd best be on my way.
And you're not offended, your excellency?
Why no, your majesty. And to toon I beer no ill will, I, too,...
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Slave in the magic mirror,

come from the farthest space,

...through wind and darkness

I summon thee.


Let me see thy face.

What wouldst thou know,

my Queen?

Magic mirror on the wall,

who is the fairest one of all?

Famed is thy beauty, Majesty.

But hold, a lovely maid I see.

Rags cannot hide her gentle grace.

Alas, she is meer fair than thee.

Alas for her!

Reveal her name.

Lips red as the rose.

Hair black as ebony.

Skin white as snow.

Snow White!

Take her far into the forest.

Find some secluded glade

where she can pick wildflowers.

Yes, Your Majesty.

And there,

my faithful...
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 3# Shanti screams in The Jungle Book 2
3# Shanti screams in The Jungle Book 2
I don't like these screams. They're terrible. I dislike Shanti from The Jungle Book 2, Wendy from Peter Pan and Jane from Return to Neverland. I dislike these girls because they're hideous.

3# Shanti screams in The Jungle Book 2-Shanti is scared of Baloo, Bats and falling when she screams.

2# Wendy screams in Peter Pan-Wendy screams when her hair is pulled door TinkerBell, she gets shot door the lost boys and she gets kidnapped door pirates.

1# Jane screams in Return to Neverland-Jane screams when she falls into the octopus and gets pushed door TinkerBell. Jane is the ultimate worst girl who screams. Nobody likes her. She's a tomboy beast.
 2# Wendy screams in Peter Pan
2# Wendy screams in Peter Pan
 1# Jane screams in Return to Neverland-her worst scream ever
1# Jane screams in Return to Neverland-her worst scream ever
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Even though I'm not as easily scared as I was when I was younger these 10 Disney Scenes (and characters) still scares me. But they're not in any order except the top, boven 3. I only included scenes from films that I grew up with so I couldn't include Fantasia and The Black Cauldron for those reasons, also only films that are supposed to be for the entire family, to me The Hunchback Of Notre Dame isn't so kid friendly for example

The walvis Chase Scene

Most people thinks The Donkey Transformation is the scariest scene in Pinocchio, but this scene was even scarier to me, at first we just see Monstro...
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