Am offering a rendition of tales we all known and loved, well at lease those of my generation. It's an explanation to many onbeantwoord vragen and a seconde chance to revisit character’s seemingly long forgotten. To many of us these tales was known as the Disney afternoon but before I continue I first offer my most sincere apologies because even thought I believe in family values I also believe in honest expression and I feel a need to tell this story in a modern setting.
    My exploitation of Indian, Chinese and Japanese mythologies plus the extensive stories of eend tales, Tales Spin, Darkwing eend and the Quack pack I've created Tales of a dime: The rise of Khan, the answer to the vraag of Magica Dispell's obsession with Scrooge McDuck's lucky number one dime. Keeping family values in mind these stories are geared towards the younger generation, the reason why I was so apologetic earlier but with meer drama than their Disney counterparts I've blended comic book style action with a Lord's of the rings style fantasy, a magical, marshal arts world with a super hero forum. So allow me to lead u down the rabbit's hole, following a string of cliff hangers totaling to six chapters. Allow me to pass on to u three other tales to complete the first story, welcome to my world. I now humbly bevestig to u chapter one of Tales of a dime.            

                                Tails of a dime                                    
                                N.E. Nosrep                                                                                                            
    “I knew it!” Scrooge shouted as he pushed away from a bureau filled with half eaten scrolls, written in a Chinese dialect to him the rich dusk aroma of mildew was proof positive of the scrolls authenticity. “You knew what Mr. McDuck?” asked Gizmo Duck, Scrooge’s most valued employee. Standing in the office doorway of the billionaire’s home pagina in Duckburge he removed his helm to wipe the sweat from his brow, a result of the hot summer sun. Without hesitation he antwoorden “That there’s an historical connection shared between both the Chinese and Indian mythologies and after months of deciphering these scrolls I may have stumbled across the proof.”                        
    Snapping back to his senses the direction of their conversation switched from being informative to Scrooge chastising the armored duck. “And what are u doing in here you’re suppose to be outside containing the press?” Before he could answer Scrooge further showed his authority. “And put your helm back on Fenton, u want the whole world to know you’re Gizmo Duck?”     As if a scowled child Fenton compiled to his employers wishes but was puzzled door Scrooge’s unwillingness to jump at the chance at free publicity, a seconde natured impulse of the billionaire, “But Mr. McDuck the threats over and when have u ever worried about the press?” Turning his attention back towards his studies Scrooge replied “Becuss u dim witted simp I'm on the verge of discovering Magica’s obsession with my lucky dime” grabbing a magnifying glass he then turns on his bureau lamp “and I don’t need anymore unwanted company.”                    
    Meanwhile in the city of St. Canard the Audobon baai, bay Bridge unknowingly to the cities inhabitance harbored a secret. As darkness descends across the cities skyline he walks between dawn and dusk, balancing the scales in justice favor. He’s a living enigma, a phantom, a spiritual entity though corporeal dwelling in the minds of those who dares to harbor wick thoughts. He is the vigilante known to the criminal underworld as Darkwing Duck, the ever vigilant hero who sat rotting away from boredom due to the cities lack of crime, a result of his own efforts. Restlessly he sat in his haven known only to a chosen few as the Watch Tower, surrounded door trophies of conquered foes and weapons used in battle. “I’m bored!” Whined the brilliant detective as he sat staring at his computer screen. It gave him a birds eye view of the city, a gift received from a hacker he once rescued. “What I wouldn’t give for a case right about now.”     Not even ten feet from where the detective was sitting his prayers were answered in the form Launchpad McQuack, his most adoring fan and sidekick who called out to him “You need to turn to the news quick!” Perturb door his sidekick Darkwing merely brushed him off with a wave of his hand. “Not now Launchpad I’m busy.” Fortunately for the vigilante Launchpad remained persistent. “But D.W. somebody tried to rob Mr.McDee’s money bin.” Hearing McDuck's name sparked a minor interest but not enough to ward his attention. “So somebody’s always trying to rob that old coot.” Standing Launchpad point's to the televisie “Yea but I really think u need to see who.”                
    Turning the station per Launchpad’s request Darkwing witnessed a failed robbery attempt of Scrooge’s money bin door the stier mob boss Taurus Bulba and his lackeys Hammer Head Hankin, Hoof and Mouth. They were single handedly apprehended door Duckburge’s hero Gizmo eend , bound and gagged they sat soak and wet under a geiser that gushed from the brand trucks used to crush the mansions gate and that arose Darkwing's suspicions, “Wait a minute,” the puzzled detective uttered while watching the footage. “Bulba’s a mastermind; even with his cybernetic implants he still wouldn’t attack head on this guy planned a heist from prison.” Confused Launchpad asked “So what are u saying D.W? Darkwing smiles “What I’m saying is even without Gizmo eend the mansions automated systems are just to tough to simply waltz in.” Excited door Darkwing’s reaction Launchpad rushed to his side. ”So what does this mean D.W, u think we have a case? Darkwing replied “Fire up the Thunder Quack L.P, we’re flying to Duckberge!” Grabbing his gas gun he continued “In order to find out what Bulba’s up to we’ll need McDuck’s surveillance tapes to tell us the whole story, I just hope he’ll comply.”