FullMoonFever ask me to make another lijst so here it is, My ten favoriete Disney Movies.

Just remember this is my lijst and its based on my opinions of Disney films.
Only tenth? I must work even harder then,

10th Place is The Princess and the Frog.
This is a very good, magical and to me inspirational movie.
The reason its so low on the lijst is that it didn´t give me the same feeling as TLM, Batb of Aladdin did.
But even so the plot is great, the villain is awesome and the main characters are lovable.
This wasn´t worth my voice...

Number 9th is The Little Mermaid.
This is a really good movie because i love fantasy creatures like mermaids and so forth but i have begun to like the original H.C Andersen story better that the Disney version and thats why it´s only ninth.
But its still a very good movie that makes me want to write and draw fantasy.
Dad wake up!! we only got 8th place.

At 8th place we have The Lion King.
This movie is really impressive and i like the characters.
This is a very lovable story and they handled it very impressivly.
Well i got this far right?

At 7th is Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
This is a great movie.
Adventure,suspence and a betrayal what meer can u ask for?
I love this movie because it looks amazing and has a Fantasy/Sci-fi feel to it.
It´s characthers are some of the best ones after the Disney Renaissance ended.
Yes! I am making progress.

6th place goes to Hercules.
This movie is great, i have always loved greek myths and legends so this one is good even tho it´s not really correct.
Another thing i like is half-humans and even if his origin is different Hercules is still a Demi-god.
Stitch! we cant fight the results!

And the middle place goes to.... Lilo and Stitch!
This movie is very cute and really cool at the same time.
u can relate with the characters and u want them to get a happy life.
This is one of the few films that came out in the 21th centuary that people really love and thats a good thing.
Fourth?! I can´t belive it.

4th is Hunchback of Notre Dame
This is one of the best looking Disney films.
The art, The characters, The story i love everything.
It´s also one of few films that deals with heavy subjects like religion, racism and being treated badly just because u are different.
u get 3rd place! no meer no less.

And the winner of 3rd place is.... Aladdin
What can i say this movie is funny, romantic and just amazing.
The best thing about the movie is the characters, Aladdin and jasmijn is a great couple and Jafar is my favoriete villain.
But who can forget the Genie? the best character in the whole movie.
So close to first place.

2nd place goes to Tarzan
This is a amazing movie.
Tarzan swinging and gliding on the trees looks amazing and Tarzan is a character that u can relate to he dosen´t fit in and just wants to be accepted just like anyone.
Another character i like is Jane, she is clearly not the jungle type which makes it hilarious when she tries to fit in there.
Are u happy with this?

And the Winner is Beauty and the Beast
Iam not gonna talk about why i like this one because that whould take the whole dag but if u want to know please go read my review of it.
But i can say this is my favoriete animated movie of alltime.

So i hope u have enjoyed this, as u can se i mostly like the 90´s movies.

Please tell me what u think ^^