Disney Classic Disney songs rewritten??? Not the same lyrics as in the movie!

jwson posted on Mar 26, 2013 at 01:19PM
I've noticed on some Disney CDs that were given to me that the lyrics to a few key songs are not the same as I remember them in the movies- most notably, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King. And I've seen other source on the internet quote these songs different from what they are in the movies. Were they rewritten for something at some point, Broadway productions or something like that? It bugs the heck out of me as a 90s kid to hear these songs sung differently! lol. So whatever input you have as to where these lyrics came from would help settle my frustration/curiosity. Thanks!

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een jaar geleden Maria7Potter said…
"Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" only have different lyrics in their "pop versions" (sung by Elton John in the original soundtrack). According to the makers of The Lion King, more than a dozen set of lyrics were written for "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" before they settled down to the final version, so I guess they used some of that in the pop version.

In addition, the songs were altered a little for the Broadway production, were they've changed the last verse of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (but I'm pretty sure that the lyrics of "Circle of Life" are the same in the Broadway show).

In general, when a movie is turned into a Broadway show, sometimes a few lyrics are changed, cut or added to fit the needs of the new production. Personally, I find it wonderful when they get to add some lyrics that were originally cut from the movies (such as in Fathoms Below or Gaston Reprise); and I can always find the original versions of the songs in the films' original soundtracks.

I hope I helped you, feel free to ask if I didn't explain something very clearly!
een jaar geleden jwson said…
Thanks! That does help explain. I assume the newer pop versions or Broadway versions are the more popular ones now, because I see those lyrics a lot more than the originals on youtube, twitter or places like that.