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 Mickey muis and vrienden achtergrond
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mickey muis
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This Disney achtergrond contains anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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Obviously there have been many a dreamy actor to grace the Disney tv/movie screens but here is a short lijst of who I think is the most dreamy of them all!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to give me feedback so I can update and make this lijst the best of all time!!!!!

1. Zac Efron (High School Musical): Clearly the best looking actor of all time in my personal opinion. Not only does he have the looks but he can sing and dance!!! Boom Baby is all I have to say!

2. David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place): Not nearly as dreamy as Zac Efron but still fairly cute in his own right. Plus he got to hang...
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 This one was rather passionate not to mention disturbing with the muziek
This one was rather passionate not to mention disturbing with the music
I was going to add this to the Disney Princess spot but I decided not to because I could get into an argument with some fellow fan pop users who mightn’t agree with this article. So enjoy and tell me what u think about it and rate.

#7 Pocahontas & John Smith’s kiss: The first one was so passionate and the seconde one was adorable but too short. It only lasted like 30 secs.

#6 Tiana & Naveen’s kiss: The first one was cute but the seconde one was just a quick peck on the lips and they started dancing around the roof as if they were drunk LOL. Not passionate and too short.

#5 Snow...
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lady and the tramp
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